Additional Plagiarism Resources | Webster University

Additional Plagiarism Resources

The following are resources that faculty should be aware of as they begin incorporating plagiarism prevention measures into their courses.

The Writing Center

Faculty and students are encouraged to contact the Writing Center for help with any aspect of the writing and research process, from brainstorming to incorporating sources. Find out more at their website

WorldClassRoom: Writing Assistance

WorldClassRoom provides students with access to student resources. Students and faculty can access the Writing Assistance page by selecting the "Resources" menu along the sidebar of WorldClassRoom. This page, available to students whether faculty make use of WorldClassRoom or not, includes the following:

  • Links to citation guides
  • Links to handouts on writing advice from the Writing Center
  • Links to the Online Writing Center submission form

Online Presentations and Webinars

The Academic Integrity Education Program staff partner with Webster Libraries and other members of the University community to help promote awareness of academic integrity. Upcoming or recorded presentations directed to both faculty and staff are available through LibGuides.

Downloadable Resources

Handouts for Your Students

Academic Honesty Counts 
Integrity, Student Writing, and APA

Instructional PowerPoints for Your Students

Academic Integrity
APA Citation
Graduate Writing
Plagiarism Tutorial

Handouts for Faculty Use

AIEP Procedures and Resources (pdf)
APA Help Sheet
Flow Chart for Plagiarism Cases


For any questions or concerns regarding student plagiarism or interpretation of Turnitin, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Carolyn I. Brown, (ext. 7668, or Laura Hardin Marshall (ext. 7661,