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Disabilities and Study Abroad

All Webster students are encouraged to study abroad, and many do. The standard Webster application for study abroad will ask students to disclose any conditions that may affect their experience, including conditions that have been registered as disabilities through the ARC. However, these disclosures will never affect whether or not a student is accepted into a given program.

Webster has pledged that it will continue to meet as many disability-related accommodations as possible for students who opt to study at another Webster University campus, even outside the United States where legal requirements and standards for accessibility may differ. When a student with disabilities registered with the Academic Resource Center makes plans to study abroad at an international Webster campus, the ARC will send a copy of the existing Webster accommodations notice to the campus or academic director at the international location and will follow up to ensure that the student's needs are being accommodated. Since studying abroad often brings new challenges, however, students with disabilities may wish to contact the Academic ADA Coordinator ahead of time for additional advice and preparation.

In cases where students with disabilities choose to study abroad at locations which are not Webster campuses, the Academic ADA Coordinator will work closely with the Office of Study Abroad and the study-abroad site in order to try to meet the student's needs. Students who require services while abroad and outside the Webster system must also be prepared to advocate for themselves with faculty and staff who may be unfamiliar with “standard” U.S. accommodations. An excellent resource on this topic is the Mobility International USA publication Survival Strategies for Going Abroad: A Guide for People With Disabilities.

Here are some additional outside resources which may be useful to students with disabilities (or their families) as they plan to study abroad.  Webster is not responsible for the contents of these sites.

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