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The Academic Resource Center staff are a resource for faculty as well as students: we are trained in fields including developmental psychology, learning strategies, counseling, and instructional support (most of us also teach courses at Webster). We are happy to answer your questions one-on-one, to schedule classroom observations, to conduct writing workshops, to recommend peer tutors, to offer test proctoring and accommodation services for individual students, to support you in the use of technologies to accommodate disabilities, or to provide academic counseling to students at your recommendation.

Faculty have asked how best to ensure that their students are aware of the ARC resources so we have developed one-page handouts for your use in delivering to students. Please use these resource sheets to print and handout to students, perhaps a full class, or use with a specific student for referral. In an effort to reach each of our constituent groups most appropriately, we have adapted the handouts for specific groups. Please click below on the most appropriate group of students for your use to access the handout that most accurately highlights the specific services of most use for your group.

Undergraduate students

Graduate students

Students at the Saint Louis area extended campuses

Online students and students at extended campus sites

Faculty often work with the Writing Center staff to assist students with their writing. Our staff are happy to come into the classroom and discuss topics pertinent specifically to writing assignments for that course and instructor. With some frequency, our Writing Center staff has also been asked to address faculty regarding pedagogy for addressing writing in the classroom and how to best create writing assignments. The link below offers some helpful information:

Tips for Creating Writing Assignments

The Academic Resource Center also maintains and makes available brochures and handouts that describe a wide variety of disabilities; many of these include recommendations regarding academic accommodations that have been successful with Webster students in the past. In addition, we stock materials dealing with universal design of instruction and other teaching strategies intended to help faculty reach all their students. Some frequently asked questions that we get are about how to handle a situation if a student has a seizure in class and best practices surrounding having interpreters in the classroom so we have developed the following information sheets.

Interpreters in the Classroom


Universal design is the design of courses that gives the greatest amount of independence to students without having to retrofit accommodations. Below are some resources for understanding universal design, using universal design to create courses, and applying universal design in online situations.

Overview of Universal Design

Online Training Course in Universal Design

Project PACE

Importance of Universal Design in Online Courses

Ten Simple Steps Toward Universal Design of Online Courses

Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities in the Online Classroom

We're happy to partner with you to support student success! Please give us a call or come by our offices in Loretto Hall Room 40.

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