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Alternative Format Textbooks and Materials

Receiving Alternative Format Textbooks and Materials

Alternative Format textbook/material is an accommodation provided for Webster University students registered with accommodations through the Academic Resource Center. Books and other printed materials are obtained and converted into an electronic format so they can be accessed via computer, phone, or tablet. Formats typically include Kurzweil, PDF image, PDF readable, RTF, electronic text enlargement, audio, and Braille.

In order to receive alternative format textbook services through the Academic Resource Center, a Webster student must be documented with a disability for which the agreed-upon academic accommodations include alternative format textbooks. The ARC processes alternative format textbook requests for all Webster campuses. If you are interested in alternative format textbooks and materials as one of your accommodations, please contact the ADA coordinator at 314-246-7700.

Alternative Format Text Policy, Guidelines, and Steps

  1. Ensure that you are properly documented for accommodations with the ARC or with your local campus.
  2. Complete the Request for Alternative Format Textbooks and Course Materials form the first time you request books or other materials. If your browser does not support the fillable forms below, print out the forms and fill them in by hand. Click here to download the Request for Alternative Format Textbooks and Course Materials form.
  3. Each time you request books, return the Alternative Format Textbook form to the Assistive Technology Program Coordinator at along with your proof of purchase or rental. Your request may not be processed until proof of purchase or rental is provided. Please note that digital textbooks such as ePub books might not be accessible with text-to-speech software. Click here to download the Alternative Format Textbook form.
  • Please provide your textbook information as early as possible in order to allow time for the materials to be requested and prepared. Securing texts in alternative format may take several weeks, and it is each student's responsibility to seek other resources in the interim.
  • Sometimes textbook files are not available. In these cases, students may choose to have a book disassembled, scanned, and rebound. In this case, the book must be purchased rather than rented, and the book may not be resold. Scanning a book may take several days.
  • You are responsible for notifying the Assistive Technology Program Coordinator if you need other classroom materials, such as handouts or readings on Canvas, converted into an alternative format.
  • You may not revise, convert, disassemble, modify, sell, license, rent, lend or otherwise share the electronic texts or other equipment to any other person.

Please contact the Assistive Technology Program Coordinator at 314-246-4245 or with questions.