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Tutoring Program



The Tutoring Program connects students with tutors who can work one-on-one with them, either in person or online, to help them achieve greater confidence, independence, and success as learners. The Tutoring Program serves all students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are currently enrolled in courses at Webster University and is free of charge. In addition to peer tutoring, professional online tutoring is available through NetTutor.

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Peer Tutoring

For students at the Webster Groves and St. Louis Metropolitan campuses, in-person peer tutoring is available by appointment for both short-term needs and ongoing support. Drop-in peer tutoring may also be available in certain subjects (check the current Peer Tutoring Schedule). For extended campuses and online only students, online peer tutoring may be available in specific subjects (email tutoring@webster.edu with inquiries or complete the below Peer Tutor Request Form).

Please review the current Peer Tutoring Schedule. You are encouraged to register for an account with MyWCOnline and then schedule a peer tutoring appointment using the "Schedule a Peer Tutoring Appointment" button below.

Schedule a Peer Tutoring Appointment


If you are seeking peer tutoring for a course not listed on the current Peer Tutoring Schedule, please complete the Peer Tutoring Request Form so we can connect you to the proper support. You will then receive a response from the Tutoring Program Coordinator within one to two business days. Please note that immediate peer tutoring assistance may not be available in all subjects.

Peer Tutoring Request Form


Professional Tutoring-NetTutor

Online, professional tutoring is available to all Webster University Students-graduate and undergraduate throughout the worldwide network-through NetTutor. Professional tutors are available for many subjects. Students can access this resource through any course in WorldClassRoom (Canvas) by selecting the NetTutor link in the left-hand menu of the course.


If you have any a questions regarding the Tutoring Program, please contact:

Cherie Wyatt
Tutoring Program Coordinator
cheriewyatt41@webster.edu or tutoring@webster.edu

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