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Writing Center's Mission

Note: Writing Center appointments are face-to-face meetings on the main campus in Webster Groves. Students outside of the St. Louis area should use the Online Writing Center via WorldClassRoom for writing assistance.

The Webster University Writing Center provides a friendly, welcoming place where writers receive one-on-one coaching in order to become independent writers and demystify the writing process.

Webster believes that effective writing, with its integration of communication techniques and critical thinking abilities, is necessary for people to function successfully and productively in a complex society that requires its members to be lifelong, independent learners.  Webster, therefore, devotes considerable resources to the Writing Center and invites all its members to make use of these resources.  Specialized handouts and access to style manuals, handbooks, reference books, other print resources, and state-of-the-art computer hardware and software are all available at our headquarters in 40 Loretto Hall.

Students in all academic disciplines are invited to bring to the Writing Center papers in any stage of planning, drafting, revising, or editing, for individualized coaching sessions on site -- either by appointment or on a walk-in basis.  Graduate coaches are available for Webster graduate students.  Students from Webster's extended campuses are invited to send their papers to the Webster Online Writing Center.

Writing Center coaches help students develop strategies to achieve their goals as writers.  The coaches will not write or edit papers for students.  Instead, coaches will listen, read carefully, ask questions, and provide guided practice to build confidence in the student's own writing and editing abilities.