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Writing Coach Schedules Summer 2020

Writing Center Coaches

IMPORTANT: Please note, all times listed on the schedule are in Central Standard Time (CST).


Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Anna 1-4 3-7 1-4 3-7 1-4    
Anna's Zoom room:
Ashleigh   10-1 10-1   10-1    
Ashleigh's Zoom room:
Cheyenne   2-6   2-6      
Cheyenne's Zoom room:
Michael  2-7  1-7 11-2  10-4      
Michael's Zoom room:
Shelby (ESL)
12-2  11-3   11-3      
Shelby's Zoom room:
Note: Students will meet virtually with the Writing Coach through Zoom web conferencing software at the scheduled appointment time. The Zoom meeting room information is located under each Coach's name above. If you have any questions about your appointment, please contact Kristin Cobos, Writing and Online Writing Center Coordinator, at or (314) 246-8685.