Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Status

Q. Who was accepted but didn't come?

A. Admissions Status Report


Q. How do I find out the status of a student's appeal?

A. The reinstatement/readmission appeal process is a formal and confidential process. When a student's appeal letter is initially received in the Office of Academic Affairs, the student will receive a formal acknowledgement letter confirming receipt. At this point, it will take approximately 6-10 weeks for the appeal to move through the entire Graduate Council review process. Once the Graduate Council has made a decision, the student will receive a second letter from the Office of Academic Affairs on behalf of the Graduate Council informing the student of the Council's decision either way. Due to the formal and confidential nature of the review process, the decision of the Council can only be communicated to the student via written correspondence through the mail.

Contact: Michele Boesch (; 314-246-7186)

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Q. How does a student register a complaint about an instructor?

A. Contact the Director for that campus. Additional concerns may be addressed to your Associate Vice President.

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Course Management

Q. We have a class that starts before the term officially begins and students cannot log into their class. How can we fix that?

A. View the tutorial in Power Point or PDF.

Q. How can I crosslist two courses?

A. View the tutorial: Crosslisting Courses-How to.

Q. What is our enrollment?

A. Course Section Summary

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Diplomas/ Petitions to Graduate

Q. When are diplomas mailed?

A. The Registrar's Office mails the diplomas approximately 10 weeks after the graduation date ( if the student does not have an outstanding balance in the Business Office).

Q. Has a student submitted a petition to graduate?

A. This information can be found in the Program Enrollment record of CARS. When you are in the Program Enrollment, scroll to the Involvement Record; the date received is noted.

  • When are petitions due?
  • The dates are listed on the last page of the Office of the Registrar's Calendar of Events. Please follow the due date listed for Grad Office. The dates can also be found in the Academic Affairs Calendar.
  • When will I receive a tentative and final graduation list?
  • These lists are generated from the Registrar's Office. Once a copy is received in Academic Affairs, copies are distribute

Q. How do I process a petition to graduate or a program evaluation form?

A. When a student is registered for their last course, they should fill out and submit a Petition to Graduate (Graduate; Undergraduate).

  • Verify that the student's major and emphasis are correct on the petition. This is especially important for students seeking the Counseling degree.
  • Make sure that the handwriting is legible and the spelling of their name is correct. This will generate fewer errors when diplomas are printed
  • A Program Evaluation should also be filled out by the student and preferably mailed along with the Petition to Graduate (please do not staple the two forms together).
  • Mail the Petitions to Academic Affairs according to the due dates listed in the Office of the Registrar's Calendar of Events. The dates can also be found on the Academic Affairs Calendar. In addition, reminders to submit Petitions are included on the Academic Calendar.
  • Once the petitions are received in Academic Affairs, the student's degree audit is reviewed. If there are any discrepancies, the campus is notified and the petitions are held until the problem is resolved
  • Academic Affairs submits the petitions to the Registrar's Office, where a tentative list of graduates is compiled.
  • This list is sent to Academic Affairs, who in turn, submits copies to the campuses.
  • After grades are posted for the term, campuses are notified of students who have been deferred from the graduation due to incomplete grades, etc.
  • These petitions are held in Academic Affairs until a sufficient grade is posted, or, if five terms lapse, the petition is returned to the campus.
  • A final graduation list is compiled by the Registrar's Office and sent to Academics Affairs, who in turn, will submit the copies to the campuses.
  • Please keep these lists as a permanent file.

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Dismissal Letters

Q. I received a letter stating I have been dismissed, what do I need to do?

A. Undergraduate Programs: Students need to contact Academic Advising.

Graduate Programs: Student may send a written appeal for reinstatement to the Graduate Council in care of the Vice Provost in the Office of Academic Affairs. Refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures, Reinstatement or Readmission, outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

Contact Michelle Lynch, 314-968-7468.

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Q. What majors are at my campus?

A. Enrollment by Degree, Major, School, etc. Report

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Faculty Password/ Username

Q. How do I obtain my password and username to enter grades?

A. Advising and Grade Entry has been integrated into the Connections portal. To access any academic service, including grade entry, class lists and advising, please click on the link below to proceed to Connections.

  • Go to
  • Login with your Connections username and password.
  • Locate the Faculty/Staff Academic Services channel on your Faculty tab.
  • Select the link within the channel.
  • Enter your Connections username and password again for security purposes.
  • If you do not have a Connections account or need help logging in, please contact the Help Desk at 314-968-5995 or 866-435-7270.

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Faculty Payroll/ Status

Q. Why isn't a faculty member in CX (CARS)?

A. A new faculty member's information cannot be entered in CX (CARS) until they've been approved by the department chairperson. The approval process can be lengthy so it is imperative that approval requests are submitted at least 8 weeks before a term begins.

Q. How are adjunct faculty members paid?

A. For 8 or 9 week courses, faculty are paid 3 times a term and for 16 or 18 week courses, faculty are paid 7 times a term. The first payroll for a faculty member is usually 5 weeks into the term.

Q. Why hasn't my faculty member been paid for their directed study, reading course or theses?

A. Directed studies, reading courses, and theses are paid on the first payroll after the term ends. Letters of appointment for these courses are processed and emailed around the ninth week of the term.

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FMLA Leave

Q. I need to take some FMLA leave. What paperwork do I need to fill out?

A. Follow this procedure:

To Begin Leave:

  • Employees (if available) need to Complete the FMLA Request form prior begin date
  • Director needs to complete an ERF
  • Effective Date, SS #
  • "From" Column completed in full
  • "To" Column, only items that are changing (Regular to FMLA status).
  • Comments section: Indicate what type of leave as well as expected return date.
  • Employees need to forward 'Certification of Health Care Provider' forms to their physician. Due to confidentiality, the completed form must be sent directly to the Human Resources Department

To Return from FMLA:

  • Director needs to complete an ERF to change employee status from Leave of Absence to Regular (or termination if employee will not return).
  • Effective Date, SS #
  • "From" Column
  • "To" Column, complete items that are changing.
  • Comments section: indicate "Return from FMLA"
  • Employees need to submit a doctor statement to the Human Resources Department.

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Grade Distribution

Q. What is our grade distribution?

A. Grade Distribution Report

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Q. Who is graduating this term?

A. Graduation Report

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Letters of Appointment

Q. How and when are teaching letters of appointments issued?

A. Teaching Letters of Appointment are issued electronically. The information for the letters is frozen on the Friday of the first week of graduate and undergraduate classes, respectively. The information is downloaded into the payroll system. Letters of appointment are emailed to the adjuncts around the end of the 3rd week of graduate class (2nd week of undergraduate class). The emails to the adjuncts include a link to the payroll schedule for the current term/semester.

Q. How is compensation determined for the teaching letters of appointment?

A. Compensation is based on the enrollment on the first night of class. After that date, compensation will be adjusted as needed if enrollment goes up, but will only be reduced for registrations that are a mistake. Since information for the letters cannot be frozen on a daily basis, we have chosen the Friday of the first week of class as the freeze day. If a student drops a class between the first class meeting and the freeze date and that drop causes a change in compensation, a copy of an official class list is needed to adjust the compensation on a letter of appointment. Or, if the class list is not available, an approval from the appropriate AVP for the extended campuses and the appropriate Dean for the St. Louis area is needed.

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Military Status

Q. What mixture do we have of Military vs. Civilian?

A. Military Status Report

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New Hires

Q. What is the procedure to request a new hire (Regular Status/Temporary)?

A. Complete the Employee Record Form (ERF).

  • Effective Date, SS # and the "To" Column
  • Comments section: include who the new hire is replacing.
  • Have employee complete the following
  • Employment Application (*)
  • Staff Data Sheet (*)
  • Request for Log On (*)
  • Federal W-4
  • State W-4 (if applicable)
  • Automatic Direct Deposit (Optional)
  • I-9, required within 3 business days of employment
  • Confidentiality Training form - FERPA acknowledgement
  • Webster Polices and Procedures Acknowledgment
  • Resume (required for CRCs, Advisors and higher positions)
  • Fax paperwork to the Office of Academic Affairs (314-968-7076) and mail originals.

(*) = documents required to get CARS ID and e-mail account set up. Employees go to Connections and follow instructions on "How do I get a user name and password."

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Payment Options

Q. What payment options are our students using?

A. Payment Options Report

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Personnel Recruitment

Q. What is the procedure for recruiting new personnel?

  • Submit a Personnel Requisition Form to the Director of Academic Resources in the Office of Academic Affairs. The Regional Director and/or Director will be notified when the position is approved to fill.
  • Contact the Human Resources Department to advertise openings on the Webster Web site and discuss local postings.
  • Contact the Associate Vice President to discuss salary offer.
  • Submit a Recruitment Record Form to the HR Department once applicant accepts position.

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Personal Leave

Q. I need to take some personal leave time. What paperwork do I need to fill out?

Begin Personal Leave

  • Director needs to complete an ERF
  • Effective Date, SS #
  • "From" Column completed in full
  • "To" Column, only items that are changing (Regular to Leave of Absence status)
  • Comments section: Indicate not eligible for FMLA. Provide expected return date
  • Employees need to submit doctor statement (if applicable) to the HR Department

    Return from Personal Leave

  • Director needs to complete an ERF to change employee status from Leave of Absence to Regular (or termination if employee will not return).
  • Effective Date, SS #
  • "From" Column
  • "To" Column, complete items that are changing.
  • Comments section: indicate "Return from Personal Leave"
  • Employees need to submit a doctor statement (if applicable) to the Human Resources Department.

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Resignation/ Termination

Q. What paperwork needs to be filled out in order to process an employee's resignation or termination?

Submit the following ASAP:

    • Employee Record Form (indicate expected last day)
    • Letter of Resignation (if applicable)
    • Personnel Requisition. Position will not be approved to fill without documentation of current employee's effective date.
    • Complete Request for Enterprise System Access (to terminate system access)

Date of Termination:

    • Exit Checklist, signed by the employee. If employee is unavailable, mark "Employee unavailable to sign."
    • Fax Vacation, Sick and/or Leave Reporting forms to the Associate Vice President's Representative.
    • Mail P-Card to the Associate Vice President's Representative.
    • Fax timesheet to Payroll.

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Online Students

Q. How many of our students study online?

A. Online Student Report

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Reimbursement checks

Q. When can I expect to receive my reimbursement check from my recent expense report?

A. If all of the necessary information has been included in the expense report, it is correct, and it has been approved by the appropriate individual, from this point it will generally take 7-10 days for a check to be sent out by the Accounts Payable Office.

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Stationery/ supplies

Q. How to order letterhead, envelopes and business cards

A. Letterhead, standard size letter envelopes, 10x13 envelopes as well as business cards can all be ordered through Mail and Copy Solutions.

Q. How to order supplies using Staples

A. Many different office supplies can be ordered via Staples and its user-friendly Web site saving both time and energy for an already busy campus. In order to use Staples' Web site,, you will need to obtain a username and password. This can be set up by Webster University's Account Manager at Staples. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (314) 968-6962 or 1-800-981-9802 in order to obtain the Account Manager's contact information. Once your username and password have been set, you may log into the Web site and begin placing your order right away. Using this Web site, you can search for items you need, or if by using the Staples catalog you already know the exact item you would like, you may enter the product's associated information directly into the Shopping Cart page. Be sure to indicate the correct account number to which the order is to be billed as well as to whose attention the order should be sent on the Shipping and Billing page.

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Q. How does a student obtain a copy of her/his transcript?

A. The student should contact the Registrar's Office at 314-968-7450, 1-800-987-3447 or complete and submit the Request For Transcript form according to the specified directions. (Online is also an option for newer students.)

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Tuition Adjustments

Q. I have discovered a student who is active duty military, a military dependent, a military spouse, retired military or a federal contract worker. How can her/his military status be updated and her/his tuition charges adjusted to reflect the active duty military rate?

A. Forward a copy of the front and back of the student's military ID card, military orders, or a letter from a commanding officer reflecting her/his military status to Michelle Lynch by fax at (314) 968-7076 or e-mail Once the status is updated, the student's tuition charges will automatically update within 24-48 hours.

Q. How do I submit a tuition adjustment?

Complete the Miscellaneous Credit Form and forward to Michelle Lynch by fax at (314) 968-7076 or e-mail

Q. When will the tuition adjustment be applied?

Tuition adjustment requests submitted at the start of a term will be applied after the end of the Add/Drop Period. Tuition adjustment requests submitted after this time will be applied approximately 7-10 business days after receipt.

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