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International Opportunities

Webster offers students a global, personalized education. Our international programs extend from Europe to Asia, providing the opportunities, experiences, and perspectives that define a global education.

With campuses on four continents, students from nearly every country in the world, and an international faculty, Webster is one of a kind — a school with a vision to join theory and practice, encourage creativity and scholarship, and foster a lifelong desire to learn and actively serve communities and the world.

Webster International Programs in Action

Our Multicultural Center provides programs and services to students and faculty to help foster a community environment that values social differences, respects cultural uniqueness, and facilitates cross-cultural interaction, learning, and appreciation.

International Study Opportunities for Webster Students

Office of Study Abroad
For U.S. based students looking to study at any of Webster's international campuses and beyond.

Permanent Site Transfer
Permanent site transfer is for current Webster students who want to relocate where they live in order to complete a program within the International Network of Campuses. If you are applying for a permanent site transfer, make sure you check the box labeled "permanent site transfer."

International Opportunities for Webster Faculty

Faculty Mobility Fellowship
For full-time faculty who have completed one academic year or adjunct faculty who have taught six courses.

Faculty-led Programs
Short-term international study abroad programs enrich the curriculum.