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Webster Groves Home Campus:

Students with Last Names Beginning with A-G: Joan Finder

Students with Last Names Beginning with H-O: Damian Whitney

Students with Last Names Beginning with P-Z: Stacey Tunnicliff

Students pursuing Dual AdmissionChrissy Gilbert

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Transfer Admission Counselors ~ Webster Groves

joanJoan Finder
Students with Last Names A-G

Phone: 314-968-6987


Over 25 years experience at Webster University working with transfer students!

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Fontbonne University; Master of Arts in Media Communications, with Highest Honors from Webster University

Past President Missouri Academic Advising Association

Member of: Missouri Community College Association, Missouri Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, National Academic Advising Association; Missouri Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association; Phi Theta Kappa Honorary member

What do I like most about Webster?
Webster recognizes and celebrates the unique value of each individual. It's small enough to be warm, friendly and personal, yet the world of Webster is a true global network!

I also personally enjoy the many cultural and artistic offerings here, not to mention the truly beautiful campus. It has been fun to watch the campus grow over the years, from the solid tradition of Webster Hall to state of the art Residence Halls to the brand new Academic Building. The variety of architecture on the campus is fittingly reflective of the diversity of the university.

What brought me to Webster?
I applied to Webster at the encouragement of a mentor, interested in the opportunity to work with transfer students. I have stayed at Webster–still working with transfer students—because of the variety inherent in the job. Each student has a different story to tell and each presents a new challenge. The job—just like the University—is always changing and evolving. I have yet to be bored–busy, yes, but never bored. And I am delighted when my help enables a student to discover their path or take a step toward their dreams through the admission process and their subsequent experience here at Webster. It is gratifying and humbling to know that we have made a difference in someone's life!

My advice to transfer students:
1. It is never too early to plan your transfer. The sooner you begin, the smoother your transition will be.
2. There are two important questions transfer students need to ask: not only, "will my credits transfer?" but also, and more importantly, "what credits will I still need?"
3. Don't be afraid to ask questions. That's why we are here…to help you!

Damian Whitney

Students with Last Names H-O

Email: damian
Phone: 314-246-7024

Associate of Arts from Fresno City College; Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Fresno State; Master of Arts in Geography from The University of Missouri; Master of Science in College Student Development from Kansas State University

What do I like most about Webster?
Webster is a small liberal Arts school, which helps to create a thoroughly student centered focus. The human scale of Webster means that our faculty and staff will get to know you as a student, what your goals are and how we can best guide you. This, I feel, truly sets Webster University apart from any institution I have worked with.

What brought me to Webster?
I came to Webster specifically to work with transfer students. I was a community college student who went through the transfer process to complete my bachelor’s degree. I am a great believer in the value of starting your career in higher education at a community college, and I am also a firm advocate for transfer students becoming involved in the community of the four year institutions they transfer into. In addition to offering a truly outstanding learning environment, Webster University provides a great deal of support to our transfer students. These are all reasons I wanted to join the Webster community.

My advice to transfer students:
Get involved. My experience as a transfer student helps me to appreciate the focus on degree completion in an efficient timeline, however, I cannot stress highly enough the value in taking advantage of the opportunities open to students at Webster. Your time here will be the best opportunity to become involved in organizations, activities and to see great performances and athletic events. Even if these are things that are not on your radar during the transfer process, you may thank yourself for taking advantage of them once you are here.


Stacey TunnicliffStacet
Students with Last Names P-Z

Phone: 314-246-7886


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an Emphasis in Mental Health from Webster University; Currently pursuing Master of Arts in Human Services from Webster University

What do I like most about Webster?

As a student, I appreciate the small class sizes that create and encourage the opportunity to develop good rapport with professors. Webster has afforded me the opportunity to get a quality education with professors who truly care about their students, and are involved in their fields outside the classroom. I also like the variety of degree programs that Webster offers; there truly is something for everyone!

Overall, I love the fact that we are a diverse campus that includes people from all different backgrounds and cultures. The eclectic mix of the arts & sciences, business, communications, and education, along with the multitude of student organizations, offers a chance to attend events that are altogether fun, informative, and entertaining!

What brought me to Webster?

By chance, in 2012 I was notified of an entry level position that was available in the Office of Admissions. I applied and was hired, and spent 3½ years as an Admissions Associate. I then transitioned into the role of a Representative/Transfer Counselor in 2015.

My Advice to Transfer Students:

1. Start early – it’s never too early to start your transfer plans
2. Familiarize yourself with the programs we offer and our liberal credit transfer policy
3. Get involved in student activities and clubs on campus
4. Never be afraid to ask questions – we are here to help you!

Chrissy GilbertStacet
Dual Admission students

Phone: 314-246-7882


Bachelor of Arts in American Studies with minors in History and Sociology from Columbia College; Master of Arts in Management & Leadership from Webster University

What do I like most about Webster?

Webster is a very unique university. As a global university with campuses around the world, we offer many unique study abroad opportunities for our students and encourage our students to take advantage of these life-changing experiences. But in St. Louis, our campus is very small, personal, and inviting, so our students can experience the scope and network of a large university while at the same time have a college experience that is very personal and intimate.

What brought me to Webster?

My previous experiences of working in higher education were with 2 community colleges in Missouri; I was looking for a position in the St. Louis area where I could put my previous experiences and skill set to good use when I applied for the position of Transfer & Articulation Coordinator at Webster.  After serving in that role for 5 years, I transitioned to the role of Associate Director of Transfer Recruitment and Community College Partnerships.  I enjoy working with transfer students and know that I can provide assistance and resources in helping students transfer to our wonderful university, which will help prepare them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

My Advice to Transfer Students:

1. Start the process early!
2. Take advantage of the many resources and supports available to you in transferring:  transfer guides, transfer counselors at Webster, your advisor at your current school, etc. We are all here to help you!
3. Finally, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try new things, meet new people, get involved in a student club or organization-- make the most of your college experience!