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East Central College

To make your transition as easy as possible to Webster University, we have developed the following transfer guides in conjunction with East Central College. Please select the guide that corresponds with the undergraduate degree program you intend to complete at Webster.

General Education/Global Citizenship Program

The University has implemented a new set of general education requirements.  The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) is a set of undergraduate degree requirements and a general education program developed by Webster University faculty to help prepare students to confront global problems and 21st century challenges.

Effective academic year 2015-2016 and beyond all new students will follow requirements of the GCP.

Major/Department Transfer Guides

Please note:  major/department transfer guides are currently under revision to reflect 2016-2017 catalog changes.

Additional Resources

Webster University Transfer Guide

Transfer Equivalency Database

If you have questions about transferring to Webster, please contact us at admit@webster.edu.