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Meet Your Admission Counselor: Meghan Higdon

Meghan HigdonMeghan Higdon
Admissions Representative
Phone: 314-246-7931

About Meghan:

Meghan counsels incoming freshman from St. Charles County, as well as the northern half of Missouri. She also covers California, Texas and much of the southwestern United States. She earned her bachelor's degree in media communications from Webster University longer ago than she’d like to admit, and after years of working in the wild blue yonder at the Saint Louis Science Center, she decided to come home to Webster.

Meghan is currently working on a master’s degree in international relations and she loves to help one student, one family at a time negotiate the intricate world of college and admissions.

Meghan's tip for prospective students:

Don’t be afraid to switch majors if you aren’t enjoying yours or feel like it’s not the right fit! Similarly, don’t be nervous to enter college “undecided.” Few people end up sticking with their original choice – for example, I changed four times!