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International Students


Cost of Attendance

It is important for international students to be aware of the full cost of university attendance in order to plan appropriately for an investment in higher education. The cost of attendance includes other elements besides tuition that international students should be prepared for. To that end, you can find a complete list of university costs for the current academic year listed below.

Estimated Costs for 2019-2020 School Year
(International Students attending the St. Louis Home
Program Tuition Cost of Living* Health Insurance** Total
Undergraduate $28,500 $13,020 $2,475 $43,995
Undergraduate (Conservatory) $33,100 $13,020 $2,475 $48,595
*Includes estimates for room, board, meal plan, entertainment, and books
**Mandatory for all international students unless they have a government-sponsored health insurance



1. Merit-based Scholarship

Awarded to first-time, first-year undergraduate students (freshmen) or transfer students applying to the St. Louis home campus with an equivalent cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) of 3.0 or above.

  • Renewable: This scholarship is renewable until the student reaches the 128 semester credit hours required to obtain a Webster University undergraduate degree.
  • Contact: Your Admission Counselor
  • Application: No separate application required.

Our admission staff will evaluate all secondary school transcripts for first-time undergraduate students (freshmen) or university/college transcripts for transfer students and award scholarships appropriately. Students will be notified of scholarship eligibility upon acceptance to the University.

Please note, the scholarships awarded will be divided evenly in the Fall and Spring semesters only. Scholarships do not apply to the Summer term.

ESL StudentsStudents who are qualified for scholarships, but have not met the minimum English language proficiency requirements, are still eligible for merit-based scholarship, but the scholarship will not apply to their tuition until after they have completed their ESL Program.

Students not eligible for this scholarship

The following students are not eligible for scholarships:

  • Webster University students transferring from other Webster campuses to St. Louis
  • Webster University currently enrolled students of any type
  • Undergraduate students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree
  • Undergraduate students applying to any Webster campus other than St. Louis
  • Graduate students of any type 

2. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Awarded to full-time, flat-fee, degree-seeking undergraduates with a lifetime cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or above. Recipients must be members of Phi Theta Kappa with an associate's degree or a minimum of 60 credit hours. Applicants must enroll at Webster University directly from the community college within one semester of community college graduation. This scholarship can be combined with, the Webster University Academic Scholarship.

  • Value: $1,000 (renewable)
  • Contact: Your Transfer Admission Counselor
  • Deadline: June 1

3. International Student Sibling Discount

Awarded to undergraduate international students whose siblings are attending or attended Webster University

  • Value: $2,000 (renewable)
  • Contact: Your Transfer Admission Counselor
  • Deadline: September 1 (for Fall semester) and January 1 ( for Spring semester)

4. Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduate students whose parents graduated from Webster University

  • Value: $1,000 (renewable)
  • Contact: Your Transfer Admission Counselor
  • Deadline: September 1 (for Fall semester) and January 1 (for Spring semester)