Lewis & Clark Community College

To make your transition as easy as possible to Webster University, we have developed the following transfer guides in conjunction with Lewis & Clark Community College. Please select the guide that corresponds with the undergraduate degree program you intend to complete at Webster.

General Education/Global Citizenship Program

The University is implementing a new set of general education requirements.  The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) is a set of undergraduate degree requirements and a general education program developed by Webster University faculty to help prepare students to confront global problems and 21st century challenges. 

Effective academic year 2014-2015, new transfer students with fewer than 75 transferrable college credit hours seeking a BA or BS degree will follow requirements of the GCP.  Select the transfer guide for the Global Citizenship Program below.

Transfer students with more than 75 transferrable college credit hours, or those seeking a BFA, BM, BMEd, or BSN degree will remain under the General Education Program.  Select the appropriate transfer guide for the General Education Program below.

Effective academic year 2015-2016 and beyond all new students will follow requirements of the GCP.

Major/Department Transfer Guides

Please note:  major/department guides are currently under revision to reflect the 2014-2015 catalog changes.

Additional Transfer Resources

Webster University Transfer Guide

Transfer Equivalency Database

If you have questions about transferring to Webster, please contact us at admit@webster.edu.