Catalogs & Course Schedules

Create a Schedule

The quickest and easiest way to create a student schedule is to utilize the power search function of Webster's online course schedule. When using the power search function, keep in mind the following: 

Maximize the Power Search

Search for courses by:

  • Semester or term
  • Webster campus
  • Academic department
  • Course prefix and course number
  • Day and/or time
  • Instructor's last name

Default Settings on the Online Course Schedule

  • Generally, Session and Year will default to the current registration period (rather than the current term). For example, once registration opens for the summer, the online schedule will default to the summer even though we're still in the Spring 1 term.
  • All terms (Semester, Term 1, Term 2)
  • St. Louis area campuses: WEBG (Webster Groves), DWTN (Old Post Office), WEST (Westport), WING (Winghaven)
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Any (i.e., show all courses)

Helpful Tips

  • To search for all courses that share the same prefix, enter the prefix only. For example, enter "MNGT" in the "Course Prefix/Number" text box and only MNGT courses will appear.
  • Remember to change the default settings on your specific search needs. Check the semester, campus, day, etc. Select "Graduate" or "Graduate education" button if you're not looking for undergraduate courses and select the "Internet" button if you're looking for online courses.
  • Schedules are updated several times a day, so if you get a "Sorry, no courses were found" message, you may have discovered one of those updating times. Give it 15-20 minutes and try again.
  • There are a multitude of search strategies, but you may want to start by searching for days and times for required courses, then electives.
  • If you are looking for term courses, it will be easier to do a Term 1 and then a Term 2 search.
  • Searching for graduate courses does not require you to indicate a time, but if your looking for undergraduate courses entering a beginning time range (i.e., 5:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) will weed out classes you aren't interested in. Make sure you've got the right course type button click and select "Enter Data."