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Advising for Current Graduate International Students


As a graduate student, you can register online after you begin your first term at Webster. Fully admitted students may register for a maximum of two courses per 9 week term.

Graduate International Student Enrollment Requirements

International Graduate students on F-1 and J-1 visas must be enrolled in 6 credit hours per 9 week terms to maintain full time status. (Students enrolled in a full program of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes may enroll in less than 6 credit hours as determined by their academic advisor and the ESL coordinator.). Students are eligible for a vacation term in the United States after completing four consecutive full time terms of enrollment.

Students may choose to take a vacation term outside of the United States at any time in their degree program with permission. Contact International Services for information on travel outside of the United States. For information on applying for admission, please refer to the International Recruitment and Services web page to apply online.


As a graduate student, you can register online after you begin your first term at Webster. Fully admitted students may register for a maximum of two courses per 9-week term.

To register appropriately for classes:

1. Use the degree plan provided in your initial academic advising session, or review your degree requirements in the Graduate Studies Catalog. After you begin your initial term, you can access your online degree plan, called your “degree audit”, at Registration & Services Online.

2. Use the online course schedule to view available courses.

3. Ensure that you have no active holds on your student account.

4. Register online at Registration & Services Online.

If your acceptance letter indicates that you are accepted under special status, please remember that you are limited to one course per term until you complete the first four core courses in your program. If you need help registering, contact your primary campus, or the Academic Advising Center if you live in the St. Louis metro area

Create a Schedule

Review courses and create your own schedule here.

Drop/Withdrawal Requests

International students on F-1 and J-1 visas must maintain full time enrollment at all times. Students may drop during drop/add periods as long as they remain in the minimum credits required for full time status. As a rule, international students on F-1 and J-1 visas are not permitted to withdraw if such withdrawal reduces enrollment below full-time status. Please see your academic advisor before considering a withdrawal. More about dropping or withdrawing.

Working in the United States

On-Campus Employment: Students on F-1 and J-1 visas are allowed to request permission to work on-campus for up to twenty (20) hours per week during enrollment sessions. For the current list of available on-campus employment opportunities, please visit the Career Planning and Development Center's Student Employment Page.

Off-Campus Employment: International students cannot work off-campus without specific legal authorization.

Curricular Practical Training: This allows a student who has maintained F-1 status for at least nine (9) months (or four consecutive full time terms of enrollment) to work within his/her field of study during an approved internship for academic credit. In order to qualify for CPT, students must meet with an academic advisor and obtain a letter of recommendation and register for one to six credits of internship, COOP, practicum, student teaching, etc. Students should consult the faculty in their school or college for specific eligibility requirements for internship-for-credit.

College of Arts and Sciences internships: biological sciences; English. Department of Anthropology and Sociology International Languages and Cultures, Nursing, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies (including International Human Rights and International Studies) students will need to contact their faculty advisor.

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts internships: Art and Art History. Departments of Music, Theater & Dance; students will need to contact their faculty advisor.

School of Business and Technology internships

School of Communications internships

School of Education internships

Optical Practical Training: Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows students to work within their field of study for up to one year after their degree completion. OPT is work that is applied for and granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The student must apply for OPT BEFORE graduation to be eligible by maintaining full time enrollment for a minimum of 9 months prior to graduation (or four consecutive academic terms). International Services recommends that students apply for OPT up to 120 days before graduation. If granted, the student is then allowed to work anywhere within the US for twelve (12) months full-time or twenty-four (24) months part-time. OPT is available only once per degree level. (ex. Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree). OPT will not be granted for a second US Bachelor's or Master's degree.

An application for Optional Practical Training must include a letter of recommendation from the student's academic advisor.