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General Education Requirements

27/12 Hour General Education Requirements

Global Citizenship and General Education are different requirements. Starting with summer 2015, these general education requirements will no longer apply to any new student. All students will fall under the global citizenship program. These general education requirements are listed here for students admitted under previous catalogs. 

If your major requires 27 credits of GE, you will complete 3 credit hours toward each of the following nine categories:

  1. Critical Thinking (CRI)
    A systematic method of examining and evaluating arguments
  2. Communications (COM)
    Writing and speaking which are clear, concise and accurate when conveyed to a broad audience
  3. Historical Consciousness (HST)
    Recognition of causes, relationships, and sequences within seemingly random social and historical events
  4. Humanities (HUM)
    Analysis of the themes of human experience through the legacy of great works and ideas
  5. Values (VAL)
    Critical reflection on the attitudes and beliefs relevant to individual and social choices and actions
  6. Cultural Understanding (CUL)
    Examination and comparison of international and/or diverse cultures
  7. Arts Appreciation (ART)
    Recognition of artistic expressions gained through analysis, reflection, or practical experience
  8. Scientific Understanding (SCI)
    Analysis of concepts of a scientific discipline and its methods, limitations, and impact in the modern world
  9. Mathematics (MTH)
    Recognition of the value and beauty of mathematics as well as the ability to appraise and use quantitative data

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Music (BM) students must meet at least four goal areas. Students pursuing a B.M.Ed have specific defined GE requirements (see current Undergraduate Catalog).

Students pursuing a B.S. degree in Information Management, Information Systems, and Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Technology are required to complete four of the nine GE goals.

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List of General Education Courses

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General Education Requirements for Students with Majors in the School of Communications

These requirements are listed here for students completing previous catalogs. All students admitted under the 2015-2016 catalog and all subsequent years will have Global Citizenship requirements instead. These requirements listed here are for students admitted under the previous requirements. 

Students with majors in the School of Communications (SOC) must instead complete 36 credits of general education distributed in three categories.

Category One: 18 Credits
ART Art (including ARHS-Art History)
DANC Dance
ENGL International Languages and Culture, including:
  FREN - French
  GRMN - German
  FORL - Foreign Languages
  JAPN - Japanese
  ITAL - Italian
  LATN - Latin
  SPAN - Spanish
GNST General Studies
HIST History
MUSC Music
PHIL Philosophy
RELG Religious Studies
THEA Theatre
WRIT Writing
Category Two: 12 Credits
ANSO Anthropology/Sociology
ECON Economics
HRTS Human Rights
INTL International Relations
ISTL International Studies
MULC Multicultural Studies
POLT Political Science
PSYC Psychology
WOMN Women's Studies
Category Three: 6 credits
BIOL Biological Studies
CHEM Chemistry
COAP Computer Applications
COSC Computer Science
MATH Mathematics
PHYS Physical Science
SCIN Sciences

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Frequently Asked Questions about General Education

Will a grade of D in my general education course fulfill the requirement?

Only courses with grades of C minus or better will count toward general education. A course with a grade of D may count as an elective.

How are my transfer credits evaluated for GE?

Transfer credit is evaluated by the Registrar's office upon full acceptance. General education equivalencies are also evaluated at that time. Should transfer credits come in as fractional hours, those hours are rounded to the nearest whole number. Therefore, 2 2/3=3, 3 1/3=3, etc.

What if I have a course that I believe meets GE but was not transferred in as such?

Transfer students who wish to appeal a specific course decision may do so by submitting a course description and/or syllabus with a written appeal to the Academic Advising Center.

What general education requirement would I fulfill if I pursue a second (sequential) undergraduate degree?

Students pursuing sequential bachelor's degrees have already completed general education through the completion of their first degree program.

How many courses from my major can fulfill GE?

Up to two courses within the student's major department may be used to satisfy general education goals, so long as the courses have different prefixes.

EXAMPLE: A BA in Cultural Anthropology - The major department is Anthropology and Sociology, with courses in ANTH, SOCI, and PSYC. Thus, ANTH 1100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology may count for Values or Cultural Understanding and PSYC 2750 Introduction to Statistics may count for Scientific Understanding or Mathematics. The student may not count two ANTH courses or two PSYC courses toward general education requirements.

All other courses used to satisfy the general education requirement must be taken outside of the student's major department.

If I double major, how many courses can I use toward GE from each major?

For a double major, four courses from the required major department may count toward general education if no prefix is repeated.

We accept two courses from each major department so long as there are two separate prefixes. We will take four courses with four different prefixes for a double major so long as there is a maximum of two for each major department.

EXAMPLE: A student double majoring in International Relations and Sociology may use four courses, two from each major department:
INTL 1500 The World System Since 1500 – HST
POLT 1070 Introduction to Political Theory – HUM or VAL
SOCI 1100 Introduction to Sociology – VAL or CUL
*PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology – SCI

Though PSYC 1100 is not required for the Sociology major, PSYC courses are part of the major department, Anthropology and Sociology, as are ANTH and SOCI courses.

What if I double major within the School of Communications and another School or College?

A student pursuing a double major when one major is from the SOC may meet either set of general education requirements, that is either the three category SOC requirements or the nine academic goal general education requirements.

What if I would like to take one or two credit hour courses toward my general education requirement?

Each goal must be addressed by completing at least three credit hours of coursework coded for general education. A student may combine one and two credit courses to meet this three-hour requirement for a particular goal as long as each course has been coded for that goal.

Can I use one course to fulfill two areas of GE?

One course may carry up to two general education codes but may be used to satisfy only one goal. For example, ANSO 1010 Sociology may fulfill either Values or Cultural Understanding but not both.

I'm an Education major, how does certification impact my general education requirements?

Students pursuing any state education certification may also be required to complete specific general education coursework. Students should see their advisor for additional details.

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