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Graduate Prerequisites, Requirements and Waivers

Prerequisite Course Waivers

Students interested in the MBA, MS in Finance, MHA, or MS in Environmental Management programs may have prerequisites waived if they meet the following conditions: 

BUSN 5000 Business can be waived for students with an undergraduate degree in business. 

BUSN 5600 Accounting Theory and Practice can be waived only if a student has completed a Financial Accounting course with a grade of B- or higher within five years of starting Webster courses. 

BUSN 5620 Current Economic Analysis can be waived only if a student has completed both a Macroeconomics as well as a Microeconomics course, both with grades of B- or higher and both within five years of starting Webster courses. 

BUSN 5760 Applied Business Statistics is waived only if students have significant academic experience in statistical methods.

Test-out Options for Prerequisite Course Waivers

If you are near a Webster University location, proctored waiver exams are available for BUSN 5000, BUSN 5600 and BUSN 5620. Students in the St. Louis area should call the Academic Resource Center when they are ready to take the exam(s). A score of 70 is needed for waiver approval.   

You may, instead, take the following CLEP (College Level Examination Program) or DANTES tests on your own, and have the scores sent to your Webster campus. Students in the St. Louis area can send their scores to: Julie Altmann, Academic Advising Center, Webster University, 568 Garden Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63119-3248. 

DANTES Exam—Introduction to Business. Score of 54 waives BUSN 5000. CLEP Exam –Financial Accounting. Score of 50 waives BUSN 5600. CLEP Exams--Principles of Macroeconomics & Principles of Microeconomics: Scores of 50 on both tests waive BUSN 5620. 

Requesting Prerequisite Course Waivers

You may need to request transcripts from all schools you attended because we will need to be able to verify your grades and completion dates of the relevant courses. It can be difficult to get official transcripts quickly, so FOR WAIVERS ONLY, unofficial copies may be faxed to an advisor at your local campus or to 314-968-7166 if you are a St. Louis area student. (Processing transfer of credit requires an official transcript.)  

Requisite Courses and Elective Options

Most graduate programs have a 5000-level introduction course (requisite course) that must be completed before students can enroll in other required courses in their degree program. If students have a significant undergraduate academic background in the same area as their graduate major, they may speak to an academic advisor about requesting a requisite course waiver. If the requisite course is waived, the student must take an elective course in its place. Requisite course waivers do not reduce the number of total credits hours required for the degree. 

Please contact an academic advisor about what courses can count as an elective or course substitution, as the available options may differ depending on the academic program. Students enrolled in programs in the School of Business & Technology (SBT) may choose electives from other SBT majors, or from any MBA area of emphasis.