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When you declare a major, you will get a faculty advisor who helped design your curriculum, teaches your classes, knows the field, and has professional contacts. Together that makes a powerful combination. You can find your faculty advisor by looking in Connections for Academic Record, Degree Audit, or even Biographical Information.

The Academic Advising Center stands ready to help you and your faculty advisor with information about academic policies and procedures, including add/drops/withdrawals; double majors, minors, and certificates; the Global Citizenship Programtransfer creditoff-campus study; and others.

Registration Preparation


  • Login to your Connections account. Then access Student Academic Services channel and review your Degree Audit.
  • Identify courses from your major and Global Citizenship courses.
  • Identify Global Citizenship Program requirements as well as electives (including minors or certificates) in which you are interested.
  • Write down course numbers and titles.



  • Search the Course Schedule to check if the courses are available in the upcoming semester.
  • Create a list of the available course numbers, titles, and SECTION numbers.

STEP 4: REVIEW THE ADVISING SYLLABUS to determine if there are additional academic considerations to take into account in terms of your registration.


  • Advisors can give students clearance to register online using Connections.
  • Prepare in advance prior to connecting with your advisor or scheduling an advising appointment by making a list of courses in which you are interested or a sample schedule along with any questions you want to review with your advisor.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Faculty advisors may have different hours of availability based on their teaching schedules. Contact your faculty advisor directly to make an appointment.



Who is my advisor?

All undergraduate students are assigned an official academic advisor after their initial registration appointment. Your assigned advisor will be either a full-time faculty member or professional staff advisor within your academic major. Undeclared students are advised by professional staff advisors within the Academic Advising Center.

After students have been assigned to an official advisor, they will receive a letter and/or email informing them of their advisor and her/his contact information.

Log into your Connections account and review your Degree Audit if you are not sure who your assigned faculty or staff advisor is. Your advisor's name will appear in top left corner. To find contact information for your advisor, search the Faculty/Staff Directory.

General Education/Global Citizenship Program Requirement

Webster University requires all baccalaureate students to complete a general education program in addition to the major and elective requirements. These requirements are intended to provide a general framework for the degree outside the major and provide course requirements to ensure university graduates have a broad set of knowledge and skills.

In 2011, the faculty of Webster University approved the Global Citizenship Program (GCP) to replace the previous General Education Programs. The mission of the Global Citizenship Program is to ensure that every undergraduate emerges from Webster University with the core competencies required for responsible global citizenship in the 21st century.

About the Global Citizenship Program

Non-Degree Seeking Students

A student who is not seeking a degree from Webster but would still like to take a class for their own enrichment or to transfer back to another institution, are welcome to attend classes at Webster.

Complete an Online Application or apply in person at the Office of Admission Welcome Center, Webster Hall 130, 470 E. Lockwood Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63119. Application must be accompanied by a transcript and appropriate application fee.

Non-degree students cannot register prior to thirty (30) days before the start of classes. Payment is expected at time of registration. Webster reserves the right to refuse registration if the student does not have the pre-requisite requirements for a course.

Readmission to Webster

Complete the Undergraduate Application for Readmission if you are an undergraduate student who has not taken a class in five (5) consecutive terms. The form must be submitted to the Academic Advising Center before registration is permitted. Application should be accompanied by transcripts from any institution that the student attended during their absence from Webster.

The complete form may be submitted via:

  • Fax: (314) 968-7166
  • Email:
  • Mail: Academic Advising Center, 568 Garden Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119

Official transcripts should be sent to the above mailing address.

Dual Enrollment (High School)

High school students who would like to earn college credit prior to graduation may attend classes through Webster University. Application and registration must be done in person through the Office of Admission Welcome Center, Webster Hall 130, 470 East Lockwood Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 63119. Application should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the guidance counselor or principal of the secondary institution. It is required to bring an official copy of the student's high school transcripts.

Students cannot register prior to thirty (30) days before the start of class. Tuition is paid at the cost of one (1) credit hour for a three (3) credit hour class. Payment must be made at the time of registration. Webster reserves the right to refuse registration if the student does not have the pre-requisite requirements for a course.

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