12/27 Credit Hour General Education Model

If your major requires 27 credits of general education, you will complete 3 credit hours toward each of the following nine categories:

  1. Critical Thinking (CRI)
    A systematic method of examining and evaluating arguments
  2. Communications (COM)
    Writing and speaking which are clear, concise and accurate when conveyed to a broad audience
  3. Historical Consciousness (HST)
    Recognition of causes, relationships, and sequences within seemingly random social and historical events
  4. Humanities (HUM)
    Analysis of the themes of human experience through the legacy of great works and ideas
  5. Values (VAL)
    Critical reflection on the attitudes and beliefs relevant to individual and social choices and actions
  6. Cultural Understanding (CUL)
    Examination and comparison of international and/or diverse cultures
  7. Arts Appreciation (ART)
    Recognition of artistic expressions gained through analysis, reflection, or practical experience
  8. Scientific Understanding (SCI)
    Analysis of concepts of a scientific discipline and its methods, limitations, and impact in the modern world
  9. Mathematics (MTH)
    Recognition of the value and beauty of mathematics as well as the ability to appraise and use quantitative data

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Music (BM) students must meet at least four of the above general education goals.

Students pursuing a BMEd have specific defined GE requirements (see current Undergraduate Catalog).

Students pursuing a BS degree in Information Management, Information Systems, and Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Technology are required to complete four of the above nine general education goals.

List of 27/12 hour General Education Courses