36 Credit Hour School of Communication Model

Students with majors in the School of Communications (SOC) must complete 36 credits of general education distributed in three categories.

Category One: 18 Credits
ART Art (including ARHS-Art History)
DANC Dance
ENGL English
ILC International Languages and Culture, including:
  FREN - French
  GRMN - German
  FORL - Foreign Languages
  JAPN - Japanese
  ITAL - Italian
  LATN - Latin
  SPAN - Spanish
GNST General Studies
HIST History
MUSC Music
PHIL Philosophy
RELG Religious Studies
THEA Theatre
WRIT Writing
Category Two: 12 Credits
ANTH Anthropology
ECON Economics
HRTS Human Rights
INTL International Relations
ISTL International Studies
MULC Multicultural Studies
POLT Political Science
WOMN Women's Studies
Category Three: 6 credits
BIOL Biological Studies
CHEM Chemistry
COAP Computer Applications
COSC Computer Science
MATH Mathematics
PHYS Physical Science
SCIN Sciences