Alumni Audit Program

In order to promote lifelong learning and to provide a benefit to its graduates, Webster University offers auditing privileges to its alumni. Alumni may audit selected courses at Webster University's St. Louis area campuses. See the guidelines below for specific details. An auditing program at Webster campuses located outside of St. Louis is currently being discussed.


  1. This a non-credit, transcripted audit.
  2. A service fee of $300 is required for each course.
  3. Auditors are allowed on a space-available basis and with permission of the faculty.
  4. Some classes are excluded from the auditing program, including on line classes, studio art classes; applied music classes; media production classes; internships; directed studies; and all theatre conservatory classes.
  5. Course audits are never converted to academic credit.
  6. Audited courses cannot be used to satisfy prerequisite or requisite course requirements in degree programs.
  7. Auditors must meet all course prerequisites.
  8. Course audits will be transcripted on the alumni member's enrollment history.
  9. Course audits are not included in determining instructor compensation.
  10. Auditing placements are finalized on a space-available basis, approximately one month before the start of class.
  11. Degree-seeking students have priority for enrollment in all classes.
  12. Auditing fees are not refundable after classes begin.

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To register, simply fill out the Alumni Audit Registration Form.


E-mail the Alumni Office at