Dennes Bergado and Daranee Rakasee

Dennes Bergado, Jr. '07 & Daranee (Jamie) Raksasee '09

Webster University–Thailand

Dennes Bergado, Jr. graduated with a BA in International Relations and is from the Philippines. Jamie Raksasee graduated in 2009 with a BA in Psychology and is from Thailand. Bergado and Raksasee met at Webster's Thailand campus.

They met during Orientation Day on March 14, 2004. One of the items on the orientation schedule was to go shopping at a local department store. Jamie was looking for sugar and Dennes, (seeing her as a tall attractive Thai lady), helped her locate the correct aisle. Eight years later on November 10, 2012 (10.11.12), they were married.
If it weren't for the Webster University Thailand Campus, Dennes and Jamie would have never met each other. Most of their friends at the Thailand campus were able to attend their wedding and celebrate with the couple.

Dennes and Jamie both live in Bangkok, Thailand, and just started working for Stenden Rangsit University, which is a collaboration between Stenden University, a Dutch university, and Rangsit University, a Thai university. Dennes works as a faculty Module Coordinator and Jamie is the Assistant General Manager.