EllardAnthony Ellard '02 & Erica Ellard '01, '03

Webster–St. Louis

Anthony (Tony) graduated in 2002 with a BS in Computer Science. Erica is a double aluma and graduated from the School of Communications in 2001 with a BA in Journalism and the School of Education with a MAT in Communication Arts in 2003.

Tony and Erica lived in the dorm borrowed/rented from the seminary during their freshman year in 1998–1999. Their rooms were directly opposite one another, so they saw quite a bit of each other during the course of each day, during floor events, etc. For a while, Tony dated Erica's freshman-year roommate as well. Then, as they continued through their degrees at Webster (and while Tony took a brief time away from Webster), they remained friends and saw each other during group activities with various friends. Eventually, while they had each dated other people during the course of three years, Erica and Tony were both single at the same time during the summer of 2001. They spent a lot of time together that summer and began "officially" dating August 25, 2001. Then, on August 25, 2005, they married.

Webster clearly played a role in connecting Tony and Erica as they probably would never have met had they not both attended Webster. If they had been assigned different living situations during their freshman year, they also might never have met. Being assigned to dorm rooms on the same floor, and especially directly across from each other, contributed to the development of their friendship, which later led to marriage.

Tony and Erica live and work in St. Louis, Mo. Technically, in South County in Oakville. Erica works in St. Louis City at Ranken Technical College while Tony works in Maryland Heights at Magellan Health Services. Tony and Erica have two children, Wyatt and Ryli.