Patrick Vacek and Alyssa Hammons

Patrick Vacek '09 & Alyssa Hammons '09

Webster–St. Louis

Patrick graduated in 2009 with a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Mathematics. Alyssa also graduated in 2009 with a BA in International Relations.

Patrick and Alyssa met at Marletto's through a mutual friend, but they had seen each other around campus plenty before that, so they sort of knew who each other was.

They ended up spending a lot of time together through various student organizations and campus activities. In particular, Patrick briefly led the Campus Anti-War Society, which Alyssa was a member of, and Alyssa led the Students for Gender Equality, which Patrick was also involved with. They went to the Drag Ball together, protested together, performed A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer together, and took one lone eight-week night course together. Of course, they didn't actually get together until they both graduated, left town and came back over a year later!

Patrick and Alyssa currently live in St. Louis City, but are moving to Austin, Texas, quite soon! Patrick is currently a software engineer at Exegy and Alyssa is the Operations Manager at Hartford Coffee Company, but both are not for much longer!

Patrick and Alyssa got legally married in Iowa, and on their way back they happened to stop in Eldon, which is where a certain famous painting was made. Imagine a pitchfork in his hand!