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Culture Events | Webster University

Culture Events at Webster

First Friday Meeting

The academic year for DADAH opens with the First Friday Meeting, traditionally held on the first Friday of the Fall semester at noon in the Sculpture Studio. Students are introduced to the faculty and staff, to opportunities within the department and university, and to department expectations and events.

All DADAH students are required to attend the First Friday meeting.

Tyler Harris Student Art Show

Student Art Show

Webster Art Coalition sponsors a student art exhibition towards the end of the Fall semester. Students submit works, and members of Art History Society judge the submissions. WAC finds an exhibition space, hangs the work, and throws an opening reception for the show. Recent student exhibitions have taken place at MAD Art Gallery in Soulard.

Holiday Party

DADAH holds a holiday party at noon on one of the last Fridays of the Fall semester. The department provides a turkey and tofurkey, while the rest of the meal is potluck. Each year's party includes a contest; recent contests have included ugliest holiday sweater, craziest tie, best ornament, and best cookie.

Art Prom

Art Prom

Art Prom is sponsored and organized by WAC and AIGA. Each year is given a theme, and the Art Prom is held in the Visual Art Studios building. Art Prom is normally held in April.

End of the Year

The end of the academic year is celebrated in multiple events over the last few weeks of the Spring semester. 

The BA Exhibition held at the end of the year is an opportunity for the BA majors in Art to showcase their Senior Overview work. The exhibition is attended by the entire department, family, and friends, as a celebration of the BA graduates and their concluding work. The Cecille R. Hunt Memorial Award for BA in Art is awarded during the BA exhibition.

Art History and Criticism majors present their Senior Thesis in the Annual Art History Symposium at the end of the year. Each student presents a 20-minute paper, and fields questions from the audience. The Cecille R. Hunt Memorial Award for Art History and Criticism is awarded during the BFA Exhibition awards ceremony.

The BFA Exhibition is also held at the end of the year, and is an opportunity for the BFA majors emphasizing in both Studio Art and in Graphic Design to display their Senior Thesis work in a professional setting off campus. The exhibition is again attended by department faculty and students, families, and friends. It celebrates the completion of the BFA graduates’ curricula, and also functions as an end-of-the-year celebration for DADAH. During the the BFA exhibition, the Cecille R. Hunt Memorial Award for BFA in Art and the W. John Hilgert Award are awarded.