Florence | Webster University



During the Florence short-term study abroad trip, students travel to Florence, Italy with Professor Ryan E. Gregg for about ten days to study Florentine Renaissance art in its context and site. The trip occurs every other year on even years.

The course consists of an intensive introduction to the art, architecture, and culture of the Florentine Renaissance (1280–1580). Taught entirely on site, classes meet daily at churches, museums, and palaces in Florence. One day the class travels to Siena to explore that Renaissance city. Students gain an explicit familiarity with the stylistic developments and historical-cultural context of Renaissance art while developing and demonstrating skills in visual analysis and critical thinking through daily class discussion, an individual presentation, and a written assignment.

Outside of the course, students are introduced to the cultural and culinary wonders of Florence. Two group dinners foster group dynamics while exploring Tuscan cuisine. Students build lasting friendships through further travel and shared meals - opportunities exist to make short, independent day trips during scheduled free time, so that students can visit Pisa, Lucca, or other nearby desired localities. Finally, students enjoy the famed la dolce vita—shopping, eating gelato, or just strolling along the Arno during passeggiata.