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The View from Graduation: Alumni 

Anita BlagajcevicAnita Blagajcevic
Class of 2012
BA in International Relations and Cultural Anthropology 

"After graduating from Webster in 2012 with my BA in International Relations and Cultural Anthropology, I went on to earn my Masters of Social Work and am currently working in nonprofit development in the Saint Louis area. Post-graduation cultural anthropology continues to inform my professional career. It has afforded me the lenses with which I view and analyze every unique professional situation I find myself in - something most other majors simply cannot offer. My experience at Webster in general (and the BASS department specifically) was formative for my career path. Most recently, this path is taking me to the northwest where I will continue my work in development and continue to apply the skills I have obtained at Webster." 

Aly ChisumAly Chisum
BA in Cultural Anthropology 

"I have just about wrapped up my first term of the Accelerated BSN program at Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College. This is a one year program with three terms that upon completion will give me a Bachelor's of Nursing, and then after I take the state boards I will be a Registered Nurse (RN). 

I chose to go get a nursing degree in order to acquire some hands-on experience in the midst of many institutions and social territories that my degree in Cultural Anthropology exposed me to. The social sciences have so much to offer to the biological sciences (and vice versa), and I want to really understand the full scope of how the medical world operates in order to apply anthropological concepts and theories to healthcare systems and practices. For example, seeing the difference in language between the disciplines has been very interesting- I find myself correcting nursing textbooks on their interchangeable usages of "sex" and "gender"! 

In addition I am really enjoying learning how the efforts of everyday- and usually unseen people- such as nurses, are having incredible impacts on people's lives. After two more terms, I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of people I get to interact with and serve with both my anthropological and nursing backgrounds!"

Maddie DreherMaddie Dreher
Class of 2015
BA in International Studies, emphasis in Human Rights

"I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, emphasis in Human Rights, in May 2015. Since graduating, I have been continuing my love of international studies through travel to Italy and Mexico during the summer. I started my Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis in August 2015, where I am concentrating in social and economic development. My goals are to focus my social work practice on helping people within the immigrant and refugee populations. In the social work field, I have been able to apply my knowledge learned in the anthropology department at Webster in multiple classes, especially our Social Justice and Human Diversity course. I am looking forward to being a program assistant starting in January in an after school program at a local elementary school where many children are new to the United States, or are first generation citizens."

Jeremy HubenschmidtJeremy Hubenschmidt
Class of 2014
BA in Cultural Anthropology
Current Position: Regenstein Library, University of Chicago 

I graduated from Webster University in 2014 with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. Now I’m pursuing a master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago with a focus on the modern Middle East and Arabic. My research interests include Yemen, the British Empire in the Middle East, and late Ottoman Empire. After completing the program I hope to continue to develop my Arabic language skills and go into work for either a NGO or the government."

Kayla ThompsonKayla Thompson
Class of 2013
BA in Anthropology

Since graduating Kayla Thompson has been a Teach For America Crops member (now an alum), teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th grade at Ashland Elementary School in St. Louis Public School District. She graduated from UMSL with a Masters in Education this 2015. She’s also worked at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis as a Youth Development Professional