History, Politics, & International Relations Department

History, Politics, & International Relations faculty are committed to the concept of a liberal arts education. Our aim is to help students become fearless and perceptive readers, vivid and effective writers, and well-informed citizens of the world. Our programs allow students flexibility to excel in their studies and pursue their personal career aims. Most of our students study abroad; others have taken advantage of our rich opportunities for practicums and internships right here in the Midwest.

The professors in this department include top scholars in their fields. Three faculty members have written textbooks that are used by colleges nationwide. Five have won Webster University’s top teaching prize. And all of us believe that an education in history, international relations, or political science is the best preparation for a complex, ever-changing, and increasingly international job market. Our programs provide skills that have no expiration date. Whichever major you choose, you are laying a foundation for life-long learning.

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