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Global MA Admissions

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university are encouraged to apply for admission to Webster University's Global MA program. Students from outside the U.S., who have earned the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree, are welcome to apply. We welcome applicants with any academic major to apply to this program.

The Global MA program is designed to compress into five 8-week terms what is normally done in at least six terms. Because of the academic demand the Global MA program places on students, we prefer that Global MA applicants have an overall minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale from their undergraduate degree-granting institution. We are willing to consider applicants with a GPA below 3.0 if they have a strong record of academic achievement in their junior and senior years. Applicants who do not meet either criterion, especially those several years removed from their undergraduate experience, may still be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. A phone interview also may be required.

Global Master of Arts in International Relations Admissions Criteria »

Please note that the graduate certificate component of the Global Master of Arts in International Relations will be reflected in the forthcoming 2016-17 graduate catalog. 

Global MA Cohort Route & Course Schedules

The Global MA program is a 36-credit-hour cohort program in which students pursue their degree by following a predetermined schedule of courses and campus travel based on their certificate track. While all attempts are made to provide GMA students course options, students follow a cohort schedule in order to ensure that all students meet the graduation requirements by the end of the program. Please note that once cohorts are assigned, Global MA students must follow the set rotation. It is not possible for students to change the order of campuses along the way.  

An attempt is made to give all students their first cohort choice, but there is a possibility that students will not get their first selection. Certain factors (e.g. available housing) are taken into consideration. There may be limits to the number of students a campus can accommodate. Cohort assignments are at the sole discretion of program administration.

2016-17 Global MAIR Rotations (PDF)
2016-17 (current) Global MAIR Course Schedule (PDF)    GMA Brochure 2015

NOTE: Professional Seminar courses are 1 credit hour, and all other courses listed are 3 credit hours. Because students complete an in-depth culmination paper as part of the capstone course (INGO 6000 or INTL 6000), there is no Professional Seminar in the final eight-week term. Students will complete a yearlong group project for 2 credits that requires participation from all global students, regardless of cohort. They will work under the supervision of a faculty member, but the project is largely their own.


Global MA Program Details

Webster provides guidance and assistance to make sure that the year of international study is enjoyable and rewarding. All Global MA students will receive orientation materials that contain practical information and cross-cultural insight. At each of Webster University's international campus locations, on-site staff assist students with accommodations and local information. Students will also have access to the centralized program coordinator, who will help them navigate their year abroad.

Webster University Campuses in the Global MA Program »


Students will live in a variety of on-campus and off-campus apartments, student residences and hotels at each location. The level of accommodations varies from campus to campus, but all housing will be located within walking distance or with access to public transportation routes for travel to and from each campus. Accommodations will be arranged by Webster staff on-site at each location.

Note: Students will be responsible for making their own housing arrangements between academic terms.

Passports and Visas

As a recognized leader in study abroad education, Webster University understands the varying regulations related to travel within our international network of campuses.

With that in mind, all Global MA students must obtain a valid passport from their country of residence to participate in the program. U.S. citizens must apply through the U.S. State Department at Students are solely responsible for procuring a valid passport.

Students will also be responsible for obtaining a visa for each location visited, if required. Typically, U.S. students will need to arrange a visa for studies in Thailand or China and may need one when traveling to Austria, Switzerland, and/or the Netherlands. International students should determine the visa requirements for study in each of the locations included in their program. Each student, regardless of citizenship, is encouraged to contact the embassies for each destination country located closest to your home to make sure of compliance with immigration laws. This should be done well in advance of program departure. For more information about passport and visa requirements, please contact the Office of Study Abroad at 1-800-984-6857 or

International Student ID Card

Webster University provides each student with a free personal International Student Identification Card (ISIC), which will serve as your worldwide student ID. The ISIC also allows you to book discounted student airfare; receive discounts around the world for museums, exhibits, etc.; and access a 24-hour toll-free help-line.

Health Insurance

At no additional cost, Webster University provides basic accident and sickness insurance to program participants. The policy covers students throughout the world arranged through HTH Worldwide Health Services. Students should not cancel their existing policies in lieu of this coverage. For more information, visit

Student Safety

Webster University is committed to the safety and security of all its students. Student residences are all staffed with residential assistants. All students have 24-hour local contact information in case of an emergency.

Additionally, all campuses remain in close contact with the local U.S. embassies for the latest local and international advisories. Webster also monitors U.S. State Department travel advisories on an ongoing basis.

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