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International Programming

Webster University is committed to the support and development of a globally conscious student body. We have several departments around campus that can assist students in the pursuit of their international education, professional development, and connection to a broader world.

  • The Walker EDGE: Global Internships challenge aspiring young professionals to apply their academic training to the international workplace.
  • Our Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs (MCISA) provides programs and services to students and faculty to help foster a community environment that values social differences, respects cultural uniqueness, and facilitates cross-cultural interaction, learning, and appreciation.
  • Le Centre Francophone creates opportunities for everyone living in the St. Louis area to learn more about Francophone cultures and take an active part in both the local and global French-speaking community.
  • The Study Abroad Office is usually the first place students stop when wanting to explore the world. With eleven full-term study abroad options, multiple unique short-term programs, and information on scholarships, this Office is a must for any Webster student.

Language Placement and Proficiency Tests

All students, without exception, who wish to enroll in a foreign language course at Webster University for the first time and have previous language studies or knowledge should take a Placement Test.

Students should register in the class indicated by the Placement Test results. If, after attending the first days of class, the student feels s/he has been placed too low or too high, s/he should discuss the issue with the instructor or the specific language coordinator to determine if a change is appropriate and to arrange the change as needed. Students placing at a high intermediate or an advanced level may be required to meet with a professor or to take an additional test to determine the correct level. Please contact the ILC Department for more information regarding advanced placement.

The regular Placement Test can be taken at the Academic Resource Center in Loretto Hall. It is free and an appointment is recommended (314-246-7620). It takes less than one hour to complete. Records of test results are emailed to the Department of International Languages & Cultures.

"Language Recognition Credit" is designed for students who already have some proficiency in a second language. Students who enroll in their first foreign language course at Webster (other than beginning I, ILC1070 and ILC1080), and complete the course with a grade of B or better (not B-), will be awarded recognition credit. Students must apply for Recognition Credit and pay a $10 processing fee. Up to 12 recognition credit hours can be earned. RC are Webster credits and are applicable to those students seeking to obtain a minor, certificate, or major in a FL. Please contact the ILC department for more information.  

Study Abroad and International Exchange Programs

Study Abroad

The Department of International Languages & Cultures sponsors study abroad programs which take place throughout the academic year.

Argentina Trip

Spanish in Mendoza, Argentina
For intermediate and advanced students of Spanish, a 5-6 week stay in Mendoza, Argentina, a beautiful town located at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Students live with families. Various local excursions and trips to other cities supplement the language, literature and culture classes. For information contact Dr. Graciela N. V. Corvalán.


International Exchange Partnerships

Argentina - An exchange between Webster University and the Facultad de Filosofia y letras, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - Mendoza, Argentina (

France - An exchange between Webster University and the French Ministry of Education - France ( (

Germany - Our exchange with the University of Trier offers a supportive environment for immersion courses in language, literature, history and culture

Departmental Events

International Poetry Night / Global Arts Gala

Join us in the fall for International Poetry Night where international prose and poetry is heard and celebrated. Bring a poem or just come to listen. All students are welcome! 

Classic French Film Festival

An annual Film Festival, co-presented by Cinema St. Louis and the Webster University Film Series which celebrates St. Louis' Gallic heritage and France's cinematic legacy.  Featured films are from the 1920s-1990s and offer an overview of French cinema.  For dates, times, and locations, visit the official website:

Student Clubs and Organizations

SILCThe Society of International Languages & Cultures is the student corollary to the Department of International Languages and Cultures. Its mission is to promote the study and appreciation of foreign languages, and does so by sponsoring extracurricular, co-curricular, and curricular student events that facilitate opportunities for students to practice a foreign language or experience a foreign culture. SILC often collaborates with other culturally focused organizations on campus like the Latin-American Study Association and the Multicultural and International Student Association. The International Poetry Night, Day of Giving in December, and the Rosita Awards ceremony are some of SILC’s signature events. General meetings are typically held once a month.

Keep an eye on the ILC Department calendar for SILC-sponsored events! Everyone is welcome to attend.

Email SILC • Find us on Facebook • Learn more on Involved at Webster 

Other events may include:

  • Weekly Language Tables
  • Mardi Gras
  • Mexican Day of the Dead
  • Trivia Nights
  • Global Game Day
  • Day of Giving
  • Special Film Screenings and Film Series 
  • Book Signings
  • Visits to Local Restaurants

The Rosita Award

RositaSince 2000, the Rosita Award recognizes students who embrace the spirit of multilingualism by continuing the study of a foreign language beyond the beginning level and/or pursuing the study of more than one foreign language.  This special ceremony is hosted in April of each year.


  • Successful completion of four or more Webster University international languages and cultures classes (three credits each). At least one course shall be completed during the academic year of the drawing.
  • Must be a Webster University student, currently enrolled in the Department of International Languages and Cultures and present at the drawing.
  • B or better in all ILC classes.
  • Classes may be in any international language(s) or culture(s), any level.
  • All classes need not be in the same international language or culture.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) students meeting the following requirements also qualify for the drawing.
  • Completion of an application form.

For more information please contact the department.