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Studying Spanish creates many academic and employment opportunities for students as it is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Offering a certificate, minor and bachelor's degree in Spanish, Webster University knows the importance of academic resources. Spanish students learn from Faculty members who share their foreign language expertise deriving from multiple Spanish-speaking countries beyond Spain and Latin America. The department also employs post-graduate teaching assistants -- native Spanish speakers who connect Webster University students with cultural insights of Spanish-speaking regions.

More Than a Language

Through Webster's partnerships with other universities in Spanish-speaking countries, Spanish majors have one-of-a-kind opportunities to study abroad at Universidad de Cuyo, Mendoza (Argentina), Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (México), and Universidad de Oviedo (Spain). Webster also has an exchange program with the Universidad de Cuyo: every fall, one Webster student may spend the whole semester there working as a TA in their English Department.

Get Involved:

Spanish Language Tables. Webster's long-standing Language Tables are outside-the-classroom meetings in the university cafeteria which allow students to have casual conversations in their language of study with native-speaking teaching assistant. All levels of speakers are welcome to come to the Language Tables for a stress-free way to practice speaking once a week.

Society of International Languages and Cultures: SILC hosts multiple entertaining and culturally focused events throughout the school year, and every event is open for anyone to attend.

Points of Distinction

  • Webster’s language majors study abroad at Webster University's international campuses for a full semester or as part of a short-term hybrid course.
  • Language classes are small, discussion oriented and full of conversational learning opportunities.
  • Webster has a partnership for student exchange with Facultad de Filosofia y letras, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - Mendoza, Argentina.
  • Spanish students can earn recognition credit for previous language study, which makes it easy to add a language minor to their primary degree.
  • The Department of International Languages and Cultures is an active and close-knit community of students and professors who meet regularly for language tables, international food events, film viewings and more.

Spanish Academic Programs

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