Who We Are

Lindsey KingstonDirector – Lindsey Kingston, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Syracuse University
M.A., Syracuse University
M.A., American University
B.S., Boston University

Lindsey Kingston is an assistant professor of international human rights whose teaching responsibilities are divided between the human rights program and the Department of History, Politics and International Relations. In addition to serving as the Institute's Associate Director, she is also Director of the undergraduate degree program in international human rights and the faculty advisor for the student group, One. Classes taught at Webster include Introduction to Human Rights, “Globalization, Social Justice, and Human Rights,” and Introduction to International Relations.

Kingston is a topical expert on the issue of statelessness – a human rights violation in which a person does not have legal nationality to any country. Her recent work examines why this problem, which affects at least 12 million people worldwide, has failed to successfully emerge onto the human rights agenda of state governments and non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International. Kingston's additional research interests related to indigenous rights and social movements have brought her to fieldwork locations throughout the United States, Thailand, and the Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut.

Institute Administrator- Kelly McBride
M.A. The American University in Cairo
B.A. Saint Louis University

Kelly McBride recently completed a Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Public Policy, in International Human Rights Law, at The American University in Cairo. Her thesis was written on the necessity for durable solutions for stateless persons, which included a qualitative analysis of the livelihoods of stateless persons living in Egypt. She has worked as a legal advisor at Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance-Egypt (AMERA), and most recently as a statelessness consultant for the organization. She has also conducted research on statelessness on behalf of the Equal Rights Trust (UK) on stateless persons in detention in Egypt. 

Andrea MillerYear of International Human Rights (YIHR) Coordinator – Andrea Miller, Ph.D.
Ph.D., American University
M.A., American University
B.A., Truman State University

Andrea Miller is a sociologist who teaches courses in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences and the human rights program at Webster University. She coordinates the Year of International Human Rights, which brings a variety of human rights events and activities to Webster campuses worldwide.

Dr. Miller's areas of expertise are gender and sexuality, and she recently served as Program Chair for the American Sociological Association's section on Human Rights (2008-2009). Her publications include: “Working the Boundaries: Bisexuality and Transgender on Film” (co-authored with Betsy Lucal for Cinematic Sociology, Pine Forge 2010) and “The Pedagogy of (In)Visibility: Two Accounts of Teaching about Sex, Gender, and Sexuality” (co-authored with Betsy Lucal, Teaching Sociology, July 2009).  She also recently presented “Human Rights and Feminist Sociological Theory” at the 104th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (August 2009) and “How the United States Supports a Rape Culture” at St. Louis Community College-Meramec (March 2010). She is currently writing an introductory human rights textbook for Kumarian Press. 

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