Humanitatian Conference 2012

17th Annual Humanitarian Conference
March 1-2, 2012

Webster's annual humanitarian conference brings thinkers Yar Khan
from around the world to Geneva.

Webster University Geneva's International Relations Department will hold its 17th annual International Humanitarian Conference on March 1 and 2 at Geneva's International Conference Centre.

A portrait of a girl in Rahim Yar Khan, in Pakistan's Punjab Province, holding high-energy biscuits distributed by the UN World Food Programme (WFP). She is one of the 17 million people in Pakistan affected by recent torrential flooding, thought to be the worst natural disaster in the nation's history.
(United Nations Photo)

This year's theme, “Refugees and Armed Conflicts,” addresses one of the mostchallenging issues faced in humanitarian work.

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The 2012 conference is being organized around five themes:

  • legal instruments and the protection of victims of war, displaced persons,
    and refugees;
  • the evolution of armed conflicts and the challenge of protection;
  • the responsibility to protect—theory and practice;
    the practice of the protection of refugees and victims
    of war; and
  • coping with displacement and forced migration
    on the international and national levels.