Spring 2013 Human Rights Conference: Indigenous Peoples and Stateless Persons

April 18 & 19, 2013

Webster University's annual human rights conference serves as an opportunity for students, faculty, visiting scholars, activists, and community members to discuss issues related to the year's YIHR theme. Sponsored by the Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, this year's annual conference will be held on Webster's Saint Louis campus and includes participation from worldwide campuses and visiting human rights scholars.

The 2013 human rights conference centers on the rights of indigenous peoples and stateless persons. Planned in coordination with the Year of International Human Rights (YIHR), the two-day conference offers different perspectives on the intersection between human rights protection and recognition. Both indigenous peoples and stateless persons often suffer from lack of political and social recognition, and their human rights are regularly threatened despite the existence of international legal protections. For instance, many indigenous groups struggle to maintain their cultural traditions and self-determination even after the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Approximately 12 million people are stateless – they are not citizens to any country – despite the human “right to a nationality” that is outlined in international law. This conference brings together experts, scholars, and students to examine the human rights ramifications stemming from lack of full legal and social recognition. A dynamic program of lectures, expert panels, break-out sessions, and exhibitions will allow participants to critically consider the necessity of recognition for upholding international human rights and ensuring that human dignity is protected for all.


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Winona LaDuke

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