Webster students are actively engaged in human rights and humanitarian  Human Rights Students
studies – in class, at internships, in the field, and eventually in grad
school and/or the workplace.

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Webster undergraduate Kris Parsons visits the home of her student, Jae, in northern Thailand. The pair, along with friends Boonsoo and Jiew, traveled in the bed of a pickup truck and then walked for two hours to reach Mae Khong village. Parsons spent a year studying and teaching in Thailand through Webster Abroad, and calls Jae “one of the funniest, most intelligent people I have ever met.”
(Photo courtesy of Kris Parsons)

International Human Rights Exchange

Johannesburg, South Africa

The International Human Rights Exchange (IHRE) is the world's only full-semester, multidisciplinary program in human rights for
undergraduate students. The program is based at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa and is a joint venture with Bard College. Each semester students and faculty from Africa and North America come together to participate in a deep and multifaceted intellectual engagement in human rights.  In addition to a required core course, students choose from 12 or more electives exploring human
rights from the perspective of a variety of academic disciplines.

IHRE also opens up possibilities for substantive participation in human rights work.  Students enrolled in the Engagement with Human Rights course intern with an NGO working on contemporary rights in post-apartheid South Africa.  Students also explore human rights challenges in rural South Africa through a Community Human Rights Workshop, visit the Apartheid Museum and important cultural sites, and attend guest lectures by human rights experts from South Africa and around the world.

Application Deadlines

March 1, 2012             Fall 2012 Semester
October 15, 2012        Spring 2013 Semester

Generous scholarships are available for students with financial need.

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Rachel Treloar in Thailand

In her own words, Rachel Treloar describes her recent trip to Thailand, and how it shaped her outlook on human rights.

As I flip through my German-English dictionary for the thousandth time in search of some forgotten word for my assignment, I'm taken back to Thailand's rugged but fertile northern highlands. That's where my dictionary skills were tested to their speedy perfection during my Webster University Human Rights Field Experience, in the summer of 2011. That's also where Janjira lives. Janjira is my friend from the Karen Tribe, who grew up just barely on the Thai side of the Burmese Thailand border. We would spend hours together, pouring through the Thai-English dictionary in search of the words that would fill in the gaps between my poor Thai skills and her nearly complete, but not perfect English. Janjira is a senior in high school this year, living hours away from her village in the Baha'i Community Center and Youth Hostel for underprivileged hill tribe students in Omkoi, Thailand. Her biggest dream is to graduate from high school with grades that are good enough to merit scholarships to Chiang Mai University. After this year, she will be one of the first in her village to complete a high school education, but she would be the first ever to graduate from university.

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