Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

Webster University offers students the unique opportunity to broaden their perspectives by studying in areas that cut across disciplines. These interdisciplinary programs offer opportunities in ancient studies, ethics, general studies, international human rights, international studies, environmental studies, liberal arts, multicultural studies, women's studies, and self-designed interdisciplinary major.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program serves as the umbrella organization for Webster University's diverse interdisciplinary programs. Its mission is to promote these unique learning opportunities and provide a central location where students can get information about interdisciplinary courses, programs, and activities.


European Studies (BA)
International Studies (BA)
Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Major (S.I.M.), (BA)

Ancient Studies
European Studies
Multicultural Studies
Sustainability Studies
Women's Studies

Diversity and Identity in the U.S.
International Studies
Practical and Interdisciplinary Ethics
Women's Studies