Ethics Certificate

Certificate in Practical and Interdisciplinary Ethics

The undergraduate Certificate in Practical & Interdisciplinary Ethics provides students the opportunity to identify a concentration in the study of ethics. The certificate allows students to analyze the moral issues that arise in various disciplines, fields, and professions, and sharpens their analytical skills by providing them with a solid foundation in ethical theory. The certificate program is open to any Webster University student, as well as to individuals not currently enrolled who meet the general requirements for admission to the University.

The certificate program is administered by the Director of Webster University's Center for Ethics and has a requirement of a 3-credit core course, plus 15 hours, chosen from the courses listed. A maximum of twelve hours may be taken within one program. Students are also encouraged to engage in some appropriate practical experience such as service learning. Up to 3 credit hours earned in this manner may be substituted for course work; the Director must approve substituted credits.