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Ethics & International Travel
Ethics & Immigration
Ethics & War
Ethics & Photojournalism
Ethics & Archeology
Ethics & Human Research
Ethics & Education
Ethics & Disability
Ethics & Food
Ethics & Animals
Ethics & Sports
Ethics & Management
Ethics & Advertising
Ethics & Accounting
Ethics & Engineering
Ethics & Fundraising
Ethics & Marketing
Ethics & [your own topic]

The Center for Ethics is happy to accept proposals for new sections of the one-credit course ETHC 1000 Issues and Problems in Ethics . Faculty members in all Schools and Colleges at Webster University are welcome to propose an ETHC 1000 course.   Please submit a course proposal in accordance with the guidelines below.



ETHC 1000 is a one-credit course in applied/practical ethics designed to explore the moral issues and/or dilemmas pertinent to a specific discipline, profession, or topic.   The course is designed to increase student awareness of ethical issues and to develop critical thinking skills.   May be repeated 2 times, total 3 credits.   This course is coded for the Values category under General Education and also counts toward the Certificate in Practical and Interdisciplinary Ethics. 


Instructors of applied/practical ethics courses should aim to stimulate critical analysis and reflection upon the norms that influence the particular discipline, profession, or topic of the course. A variety of perspectives should be introduced and the course should be designed to stimulate dialogue and debate among students.   Syllabi for ETHC 1000 courses should include course objectives, learning outcomes, course readings, and student assignments (including at least one critical essay).  


Proposed syllabi will be reviewed by the Center for Ethics Steering Committee.    Please send a hard copy of your proposal to the chair of the steering committee:   Kate Parsons, Philosophy Department, Pearson House, 470 East Lockwood Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63119. Questions and comments may be directed to or 961-2660 ext. 7887.