Legal Ethics Links

American Legal Ethics Library
This online library, hosted by Cornell University, contains the rules and codes that guide the professional conduct of lawyers. The library also offers descriptions of court cases that highlight various areas of legal ethics.

Center for Professional Responsibility
This site contains current news in legal ethics, various codes of professional and judicial responsibilities and conduct, the Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct and a variety of related legal ethics resources.

Legal Ethics in Cyberspace
This article, written by Professor Stephen T. Maker, covers legal ethics across cyberspace.

The National Organization of Bar Counsel

The National Organization of Bar Counsel enforces the ethical conduct of lawyers in the United States, in Canada, and in Australia. The Organization's Web site offers a compilation of cases involving legal ethics (although the collection is presently off-line).

This site contains up-to-date articles on various issues surrounding legal ethics, as well as an extensive database covering state lawyer ethics, advertising rules, confidentiality, ethics opinions, and state government ethics.

Death Penalty

ACLU's Death Penalty Site
The ACLU's site contains a plethora of articles that argue against the death penalty.

Death Penalty Abolition News and Updates From Amnesty International
This site contains up-to-date information and news flashes about the death penalty as well as information pertaining to international human rights standards, racial prejudice, military death penalty, and international issues.

Death Penalty Information & Resources
This informative, yet unattractive site, hosted by the sociology department at Northern Illinois University, explains why the American Criminology Society's Critical Criminology Division opposes the death penalty.

Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation
Founded by families of people who were murdered, this site offers articles from the perspectives of those who have been affected by violent crimes, yet still hold anti-death-penalty convictions.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
This well maintained anti-capital punishment site includes a collection of facts and statistics as well as current international issues surrounding the death penalty. Special site features include a "national execution alert" and a monthly e-mail warning of impending executions.

Pro Death
This popular pro-capital punishment site uses facts, statistics, and sentiment that support the death penalty.