Karla Armbruster - Professor, English
E-Mail: armbruka@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-7577

Don Conway-Long - Associate Professor, Behavioral and Social Sciences
E-Mail: dconlong@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-7611

Don Corrigan - Professor, Communications and Journalism
E-Mail: corrigdh@webster.edu
Phone: 314/968-6975

Jeff Depew - Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences
E-Mail: jcdepew@earthlink.net

Lori Diefenbacher - Adjunct Faculty, School of Education
E-Mail: diefenlo@webster.edu

Ted Green - Associate Professor, Multidisciplinary Studies (School of Education)
E-mail: tgreen@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-7971

Steve Hinson - Associate Professor, Business
E-Mail: hinsonsy@webster.edu
Phone: 314/968-7017

Kim Kleinman - Adjunct Faculty, History, Politics and International Relations and Biological Sciences
E-Mail: kleinman@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-7768

Allan MacNeill - Professor, History, Politics and International Relations
E-Mail: macneiam@webster.edu
Phone: 314/968-7489

Danielle McCartney - Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Social Sciences
E-mail: dmaccartney12@webster.edu
Phone: 314/968-7016

Paul Moriarty - Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy and Human Rights
E-Mail: paulmoriarty88@webster.edu
Phone: 314/968-7170

Kate Parsons - Associate Professor, Philosophy
E-Mail: kparsons@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-7887

Amanda Rosen - Assistant Professor, History, Politics, and International Relations
E-Mail: amandarosen83@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-4224

Julian Scaff - Assistant Professor, Art
E-Mail: julianscaff09@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-8643

Stephanie Schroeder- Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
E-Mail: schroeds@webster.edu
Phone: 314/246-7518

David Wilson - Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences/Sustainability Studies
E-mail: david.wilson@ewgateway.org