Sustainability Studies Minor

The minor in sustainability studies provides students with an understanding of the complex, interconnected systems that affect ecological health, economic welfare, and social justice; the ability to recognize and analyze challenges to human and environmental health and well-being; and the skills to help transform local and global communities into sustainable ones.

Sustainability Studies Minor Learning Outcomes

Students who earn the minor in sustainability studies will be able to

  • Explain and analyze the complex local and global systems that provide the foundation for environmental and human health and well-being.
  • Integrate knowledge of ecological, economic, and social systems in order to frame challenges to sustainability and produce potential solutions.
  • Communicate to explain and influence how individual and collective actions affect the environmental and social sustainability of interrelated systems.
  • Evaluate policies, practices, and belief systems for their environmental, economic, and social sustainability.
  • Apply principles of sustainability to transform their own lives, workplaces, and local and global communities.

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