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Advisory Board: Susan Margolis Balk

Susan BalkSusan Margolis Balk moved to St Louis in 2004. She is a writer, editor, professor and media consultant. Susan has written for Rolling Stone, Vogue, Ms, Playboy and the New York Times Magazine among others and authored the well-received book, Fame. For nine years, she was New York literary editor of Playboy Magazine. She then founded Deep Content Solutions to advise print and internet companies including TimeWarner, Newscorp, Disney, Daishinsha (Tokyo) and Groupe L'Express (Paris). She taught journalistic entrepreneuring and literary journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, writing and poetry at San Francisco State University and English and Psychology at Pierce College in Athens, Greece. Susan speaks and lectures on the subjects of deep content, creative entrepreneuring, and the psychology of fame. She has worked closely with Delancy Street Foundation, the hugely successful rehabilitation center in San Francisco, since it was founded in 1971, implementing and teaching in a full-blown academic program which has led a number of Delancy Street residents to earn bachelor's degrees from Golden Gate University and San Francisco State University.


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