Dean's Advisory Committee on Diversity Issues | Webster University

Dean's Advisory Committee on Diversity Issues


The charge of the dean's advisory committee on diversity issues is to advise the dean on all matters pertaining to diversity in the College of Arts & Sciences. The committee will be asked to advise on the entire spectrum of diversity issues as they pertain to the College. These include:

  • Hiring and advancement policies and procedures for faculty and staff
  • Hiring and advancement practices and outcomes for faculty and staff
  • Diversity within the College's advisory board
  • Patterns of behavior among faculty and staff
  • Patterns of behavior by the dean

This committee will, from time to time, consult with the College advisory board’s own subcommittee on diversity issues.

The committee may at different times serve as a sounding board, a voice of constructive criticism, and a guide to change.


The committee will have at least five members, including at least one departmental staff member and at least four faculty members. Relevant campus offices (Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Human Resources, the Multicultural Studies Committee, the Women and Gender Studies Committee, etc.) may be engaged as resources. The committee’s chair and any replacement members will be appointed by the dean on the recommendation of the committee.  

Initially, the committee will meet at least once per term on its own and once per term with the dean, starting with Spring 2, 2015. This timetable may vary, at the recommendation of the committee.