Student Resources


Students in Anthropology and Sociology programs are preparing for a wide variety of academic and career goals: some students are seeking careers in teaching, social service, museums, historical societies, nonprofit organizational settings, or corporations, while others are preparing for admission to graduate and professional training programs. To make sure our students get what they need from their degree, a department faculty advisor is assigned to each student early in their departmental residence to help plan and assess the student's program of study, focusing on the student's specific academic and career goals.

Check out our departmental advising guide for more information.

Degree Plans

Based on when certain courses tend to be offered, our faculty have designed suggested course selection sequences for many of our majors to help students get the courses they need to graduate and make the most out of their four years in our programs.

Department Honors

Individual departments and colleges/schools award departmental honors for excellence in the study in depth. In the Department of Anthropology & Sociology, full-time faculty nominate students for department honors to recognize outstanding work in the major. Students must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. The department also considers service to the department and community. Department honors are not automatic for those who receive the university's academic honors.

Student Organizations & Clubs

Anthropology & Sociology students have a strong presence on campus, and welcome new members to the community.

Learn more about ways to get involved here.

Career Resources

Students in the Department of Anthropology & Sociology have successfully achieved their career goals after graduating from Webster. Alumni have been accepted into prestigious graduate institutions, succeeded in competitive jobs, and -- more importantly -- fulfilled life goals.

Numerous resources are available for students seeking graduate school, internship, or employment opportunities after graduating from Webster University. However, students need to take advantage of these resources as soon as possible (e.g., sophomore year). Do not wait until you graduate to begin mapping out your post-graduate goals. 

Webster University has an excellent career center. Make an appointment early in your academic career.