Behavioral & Social Sciences

The Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences is comprised of a diverse group of disciplines, all of which emphasize an understanding of the behavioral, social, and cultural forces that shape our global society. In this time of growing complexity, social and behavioral science can help us make sense of the events in our worlds and our lives, enhancing our ability to make informed choices.

Our goal is to provide students with an understanding of their own historical context, increase their knowledge of individual behavior, and encourage the recognition and appreciation of diversity. Students interested in exploring the varied facets of the human condition will find numerous opportunities within the courses and programs offered by the department.

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Michael R. Hulsizer
Chair & Professor
Behavioral & Social Sciences Department


Michael R. Hulsizer received his Ph.D. from Kent State University in 1997. His research interests are altruism and aggression; hate groups; international human rights; mass violence; peace psychology; social influence and persuasion; and stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.


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