Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences is to offer students an understanding of the richness, complexity and diversity of human behavior. Courses are designed to give students the ability to examine, interpret, and evaluate the diversity of the human experience, with an emphasis on understanding social and personal issues confronting peoples of the world.

Throughout history, human groups have employed a BASS Missionvariety of methods to deal with the complexities of social life, social order, and social change. Study within the department provides students with the abilities to examine, interpret, and evaluate the diversity of human experience and stresses an understanding of the issues facing members of the "global village."

Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of your own historical context, increase your knowledge of individual behavior, and encourage the recognition and appreciation of diversity. You will use approaches that range from the scientific to the philosophical, from the experimental to the theoretical. Integral to all the disciplines, however, is the development and application of problem-solving skills, which in combination with other academic skills, enable you to think analytically and to communicate clearly and persuasively. Courses are designed to contribute to a general liberal arts education as well as to prepare students for meeting their goals in careers and/or graduate training programs.

The faculty assist students in developing analytical skills, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical experience, and building competencies for specific career objectives or specific areas of interest.