Career Information

Students in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences have been very successful achieving career goals after graduating from Webster University. Alumni have been accepted into prestigious graduate institutions, succeeded in competitive jobs, and more importantly fulfilled life goals.

In addition to the BASS Academic Advising materials on the departmental site, the BASS faculty have also created discipline specific sites Anthropology, Psychology, Social Work, or Sociology. Look over the suggested courses carefully.

Numerous resources are available for students seeking graduate school, internship, or employment opportunities after graduating from Webster University. However, students need to take advantage of these resources as soon as possible (e.g., sophomore year). Do not wait until you graduate to begin mapping out your post-graduate goals.


General Career Resources

  • Webster University has an excellent career center. Make an appointment early in your academic career.

Anthropology-Related Career Resources

Psychology-Related Career Resources

Sociology-Related Career Resources

Additional Social Sciences Career Resources