Lambda Alpha

Lambda Alpha - The National Collegiate Honors Society For Anthropology

The name LAMBDA ALPHA is composed of the initial letters of the Greek words LOGOS ANTHROPOU, meaning "The Study of Man".

The purpose of the society shall be to encourage and stimulate scholarship and research in Anthropology by recognizing and honoring superior achievement in the discipline among students, faculty and other persons engaged in the study of Anthropology.

Members for Lambda Alpha are solicited once a semester. Announcements will be made in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Club meetings and various classes in the Behavioral and Social Sciences. Applications will be made available in the Departmental Office (Webster Hall 320). Currently, to be eligible for Webster University's Lambda Alpha chapter, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Undergraduates must be junior or senior standing, currently enrolled and have completed not less than twelve (12) semester hours or the equivalent in academic anthropology.
  2. Undergraduates must have a 3.00 GPA or above for all undergraduate course work (including transfer work).
  3. 3.50 GPA or above in anthropology courses.
  4. Graduate students must be in good departmental standing with a 3.25 cumulative quality point average.
  5. Alumni of any qualified institution may become members of any such chapter within five (5) years of graduation provided the same qualifications for undergraduate or graduate students, whichever applied, are met.
  6. A chapter may admit to active status anyone who has been a member of any chapter at any time.
  7. All persons eligible for initiation shall pay an initiation fee, determined by the National organization, to the National treasury. This fee shall constitute a life membership fee and no national dues, fees or other assessments shall hereafter be imposed. The national membership fee shall entitle each member to a membership card and a diploma of membership.

These criteria are subject to change. Each semester, the current criteria will be made available on the application form. If you are accepted into Lambda Alpha, there is a $35.00 membership fee. This includes your $25.00 national one-time fee and a $10.00 Webster university one-time chapter fee. Initiation ceremonies occur at the end of each semester.

The National Executive Council shall have the power to make, alter, amend or repeal such by-laws as it may deem necessary for the proper administration of the affairs of the Society.