Student Profiles

Curran "I am incredibly proud to call myself a member of the Webster University Community. It is obvious that Webster has a different philosophy than most university's in that the faculty and staff really care about their students. With small class sizes, hard-working professors and a wide range of courses, Webster provides students with an education that cannot be matched. Professors here give individual attention to students and are always accessible outside of the classroom for extra help. In addition, Webster's study abroad program is among the best in the country. I had an amazing time in Geneva and received just as good an education there as at our STL campus."

Vanessa Curran
Psychology Major, Chemistry Minor

roberts "I chose Webster because of the diverse atmosphere. Webster is a taste of the real world in the sense that almost all populations on Earth are well represented: Asian-Americans, Africans, Blacks, Whites, Hispanic, etc. — and all from different socio-economic levels. The small class sizes are great, and the small-town feel within a big city like St. Louis is perfect for me. I enjoy getting to know my professors on a professional level and having them as mentors to help me prepare for my professional career."

Benny Roberts
Sociology Major


schappe"The anthropology and sociology programs are very interesting because we learn about different cultures and diversity. Webster's study abroad opportunities are also fantastic. That has been the best experience I've had. Everyone at Webster's Netherlands campus is very laid back. It's a great cultural enlightenment. I also liked Leiden's cafés, pubs, market, and incredible spring weather."

Joseph Schappe
Anthropology/Sociology Major


Gaeta"I am very fortunate to have close relationships with several of the professors in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department. In my classes, they pushed me intellectually and helped me grow as a student. Outside of the classroom, they always had an open door and continually worked with me and I am so grateful for their time and energy put into helping me succeed and thrive. I greatly respect all of the professors in the department and I am so happy I had the honor to meet and work with them all."

Christy Gaeta
Psychology Major


Feldman"I feel so privileged to know my professors. I am continually challenged by their brilliance, genuineness, and compassion. They truly care about their students — not just as students, but as human beings."

Derek B. Feldman
Psychology Major